A Brand Engineered to Drive Change—Why the new Geniusto is future-facing

A Brand Engineered to Drive Change—Why the new Geniusto is future-facing
October 18, 2022 | By Geniusto

We’re leaders in FinTech solutions for payment orchestration, EMIs, and payment service providers. We empower our clients to simplify their banking solutions and are innovators in the industry. We create better accessibility to FinTech solutions for banking institutions of any size, anywhere in the world. 

Our journey started 20 years ago and since then we have evolved into a very different company. We reached a pivotal point in our journey and decided it was time to turn to the future and think about where we are heading. Reimagining our brand was a first step in the right direction for Geniusto and we see a bright future for FinTech – and Geniusto

What was the catalyst for change? As we began to grow and transcend borders globally, we started to ask tough questions about our brand. Who we were, where we were headed, and what we wanted to be. We wanted to extend our core values of innovation, security, and accessibility and bring clarity to our services and solutions. We wanted our client-facing visual brand to reflect the intelligence and robust nature of our product suite to propel us into the future of FinTech.

Our Past Shapes our Future

Although our new brand is looking to the future, it also reflects our past successes and how they’ve contributed to our growth. We’ve worked with a number of clients to expand their banking capabilities. From the United Kingdom to Latvia, we have helped financial institutions broaden how they process, manage, and handle money matters. 

Andaria Capital – United Kingdom. Andaria Capital was on a mission to offer their clients a banking platform to serve their downstream customers without the big capital investment. Setting up a multi-tenant system offered speed, flexibility, and affordability. Using the [GO] Suite, an open architecture platform offered seamless systems management and reporting. This innovative idea created additional revenue streams.

Transact Pro – Latvia. In mid-2022, Geniusto teamed up with Transact Pro to revolutionise public transport for the city of Riga. By creating tap-and-go payments for public transportation, the city, transit authority, and commuters enjoyed a smoother travel experience. Now the community can move around effortlessly thanks to Geniusto’s innovative payment solution.

A Website that’s On-par with our Tech

Once the foundations were laid for our brand identity and voice, we needed a high-performing website that matched our intelligent technology. Our new website boasts an interactive design that mirrors the clarity of our brand voice and tech. We wanted a modern look and feel that was easy to follow and sleek. As a modern company that is always looking to the future with our tech, we wanted a website design that would stand the test of time.

The Future of FinTech and Where
Geniusto Fits

The future of digital banking is bright, and Geniusto is headed straight for that future. Our new brand is future-facing and elevates not only our image but reflects the simplicity that our products bring to digital banking. We’re constantly helping clients put more brains behind their FinTech solutions for a brighter future. Now it’s our turn. Meet the bright new Geniusto and get to know our new brand by visiting our website

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Through these experiences with clients, we have untangled the complexities of FinTech and delivered seamless and intuitive solutions. FinTech is forever changing, and our technology remains ahead of the curve – so we needed our brand to do the same