A loans platform that will revolutionize lending in the Philippines 

A loans platform that will revolutionize lending in the Philippines 

A loans platform that will revolutionize lending in the Philippines 

Redefining the lending experience of customers 

One of the company’s landmark achievements this year is launching a state-of-theart loan platform. Aptly titled and marketed as LoansPLUS, this platform is an advanced management and originations solution that automates various loan applications 24/7 for financial and lending institutions. 

The platform is a next-generation, full-suite lending platform. Its modules range from loans application, to underwriting, to contract servicing and recovery management Cloud-based and delivered in a SaaS model, the solution will reduce cost and increases efficiencies of financial institutions and lending institutions. 

The core strength of the platform is its straightthrough processing capability that provides lenders an automated document analysis to improve first-time-right rates and their recovery ratios. LoansPLUS has an advanced business rules engine. Easily customizable to the requirements of a bank or a lending company, it allows the company to replicate its current lending while automating all the processes. As this engine is rulesbased and driven, it can be configured so that more rules can be put in place so that the bank or lending company can “mirror” realworld lending scenarios. 

Another key feature of the platform is DocStreet, an automatic file processing function of LoansPLUS that will do automatic processing of unstructured, semi-structured, and structured documentsDocStreet can also check for consistency and validity of data and information through built-in business rules to prevent fraud.  

The platform also has all the needed APIs by a bank or a lending institution so that the platform can be integrated into their core systems. 

Designed to future proof and simplify lending, LoansPLUS significantly changes the way banks and lending institutions do loans. 

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