A new partnership emerges to deliver next level mobile banking  in the Philippines

A new partnership emerges to deliver next level mobile banking in the Philippines

Geniusto International, a global fintech company headquartered out of Perth Australia, has partnered with Oradian, a respected fintech company based out of Croatia, to deliver seamless, end to end, digital banking and payments solution for banks and financial institutions in the Philippines.

Both companies from their respective offices in the Philippines have taken the lead in innovation and digital transformation for their customers. It became clear that the two innovative fintech providers have a similar philosophy and operational approach whilst offering complementary digital solutions. Through their shared values, similar philosophy, and excellence in implementation delivery, they have partnered up to continue their success for their customers in providing complementary services.

Mr. Shane Hermans, CEO of Geniusto, and Mr. Antonio Separovic, CEO of Oradian, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in May 2021 detailing the specifics of their collaboration for the Philippine’s market initially but with a view to broadening the scope of the relationship in other territories soon.

Mr. Separovic said “We are delighted to partner with Geniusto International in the Philippines market. We believe that Geniusto’s ‘Omni Channel Digital Banking Platform’ is the perfect complement to our (Oradian’s) digital cloud-based core banking and loans management platform. It is great to see our customers experience the benefits of having a stable foundation in place and easily integrates to other channels through our open APIs. Together with Geniusto, we can offer an end-to-end suite of top-class tools to truly enable any bank, finance company, or fintech to be highly competitive in this rapidly changing digital economy”. Shane Hermans further commented; “We have recently launched our Omni Channel Mobile Banking and Payments solution for Cantilan Bank here in the Philippines. Cantilan Bank has been a customer of Oradian now for several years and we have created a seamless integration between the two systems using Geniusto’s API integration Hub. Working with the Oradian team on this project has been a delight and we were highly impressed with their understanding of the market and the challenges that financial institutions are currently facing in the Philippines. In addition, we were impressed with the quality of the Oradian core banking platform and the professionalism of their entire team. This project with Cantilan Bank is the first collaboration that we have undertaken with Oradian and we are looking forward to working together on numerous new projects in 2021 and 2022”.

The Geniusto Omni Channel Platform includes a suite of tools that provide a complete digital channel for any financial institution to launch mobile and internet banking services, customer onboarding & eKYC, automated real-time payment processing with integrations to Instapay, PesoNet, Bayad bills payments, manage merchants and agency banking, QR Code Contactless banking and targeted marketing campaign management are just some of the core capabilities. The Omni Channel Mobile Banking allows financial institutions to start serving more customers, anytime, anywhere, 24/7, with the ability to onboard remotely offering customers convenience and cost-effective access to banks services, whilst reducing operational costs and increasing revenues for banks from digital payments and new virtual banking products and services. Geniusto has deployed its Omni Channel Platform for partners in more than 25 countries and now, with the local Head Office in Manila, is set to help financial institutions in the Philippines develop a winning digital banking strategy.

The Oradian Core Banking and Loans Management Platform allows financial institutions such as Finance Companies, Rural Banks, or Fintechs to have a stable, flexible, and scalable foundation for all their client and account data. The platform, through its open APIs, is interoperable with any type of channel such as mobile apps, payment channels, credit bureau, etc. Oradian’s unique partnership approach focuses on the implementation of best practices and change management to guarantee an on-time implementation while performing deep business process optimization. Oradian has on-boarded over 50 financial institutions in the Philippines alone, since its market entry in 2016 and was the first cloud-based core banking system to ever be approved by BSP, the central bank of the Philippines.

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