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Agency Banking

Finally, you can quickly and easily transfer money, pay for your shopping using a smartphone and do much more

Keep in touch with your friends and finances. Use direct access to your money and the chat. ePera allows for easy settlements, as well as quick payments and purchases, while ensuring the security and safety of your money.

About eWallets Agency Banking

A wallet is a secure place that contains one or more currency purses. The purses need to be funded. An E-wallet or digital wallet is treated in our software as a special account managed by the Omni-channel server in combination with our Mobile App or Internet Banking.


Big benefit of this set-up is the fact that e-wallets can be created without the need to mirror them in the Core-Bank systems reducing the maintenance cost of this type of accounts on one side and increasing the flexibility at the other side.


Agency Banking



E-Wallet for Agency Network. W-Wallet for bank account with limitations.


In case the banks want to make use of an Agency network we have the possibility to support the following infrastructure:


  1. Super-Agent — bank’s client, owner of some commercial enterprise. Has a special agreement with a bank that allows him to serve Consumers and to register Sub-Agents that work on his behalf.
  2. Sub-Agent — agents, which do not have direct relations with a bank and serving Consumers and anonymous users on behalf of Super-Agent.
  3. Super-Agent’s administrator — user of the System, which has access to Agents’ and Consumers’ profiles (confirm registration, roles management, activation/de-activation)
  4. Anonymous users – non-customers paying by cash for banking services (Utility payment, account transfers)
  5. Customers with an E-Wallet.


The E-Wallets Services Two Particular Purposes


  • To serve the low-income segment by providing a special account type with limited possibilities.


This makes sense if the regulatory framework supports this type of accounts and within this framework a limited KYC set is allowed for the on boarding of new customers. Regulators will require that those accounts will have clear limitations in their use, either by limits on the amounts held in the wallet and or number of transactions and type of currencies used. This type of limitations are parameters that can be managed by the banks staff. It will also allow the bank to make use of an agent’s network in order to lower the operation cost linked to this otherwise for the bank financially less attractive group of customers. Funding of the purse(s) is in general handled by agents or ATM’s.


  • To serve the digital active customer group making payments over the internet or via their smartphone or those interested in the split of their payments over numerous different banking accounts for convenience and security reasons.


The E-customer has access to the full banking functionality related to the account settings. Full KYC has been performed.


The services offered to the customer are based on two important aspects, optimum security and convenience of the e-transactions. Typical example is pocket money for children were the parents want to have control over the daily spending or whatever purpose of the spending.


Other options are wallets for utility payments or other recurring spending’s. In case the bank is the e-wallet provider the purses are directly linked to the main bank account of the customer.

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