April 2021 DTAP A Resounding Success

April 2021 DTAP A Resounding Success

Geniusto’s recently concluded Digital Transformation Accelerator Program (DTAP) Workshop has been a resounding success based on the feedback from most of the attendees. The workshop was participated in by more than 70 people coming from various companies and industries. An overwhelming 80% of the respondents said that they were highly satisfied overall with the workshop while even a bigger number of respondents (90%) said that the workshop is highly relevant and helpful for their digital transformation program. Satisfaction with the speakers and their content was also high at 80%, while the same percentage of respondents say that they are very likely to recommend DTAP to their colleagues and their professional network. Lastly, 80% of the respondents say they will attend the next DTAP.

The respondents also shared their key takeaways from the workshop. Here are some of their highlighted key take-aways:
• The idea of how technology affects/helps the performance of the business organization. And changes to technology over time have affected many aspects of life.
• Data is the new oil of the 21st century
• Managing risks inherent to digitalization is crucial to achieving (digitalization) targets
• How crucial cybersecurity and cyber-hygiene are to a successful digitalization project

Geniusto would like to thank all the attendees and survey respondents as your responses contribute to the continued improvement of our DTAP workshops. To learn more about how Geniusto can help you with your digital transformation program, send us an email at dtap@geniusto.com.

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