Banxe is leading the way for the digital banking future

Banxe is leading the way for the digital banking future
April 26, 2023 | By Geniusto

The world of digital banking, payments, and online finance has experienced a seismic shift in recent years, with the demand for change being driven by SME businesses and consumers alike.

The advent of Crypto Currencies and the challenges of lockdowns have driven innovation at a rapid pace in the last two years.

Banxe, a British fintech startup, is now aiming to upgrade and revolutionise banking by providing more flexible banking and convenient crypto services to its customers.

Banxe bills itself as:
“Banking. Reimagined. Now With Crypto”.
Manage all of your assets in one account.
Pay, receive, and exchange both money and crypto.

Customers can have a Dedicated IBAN account with both EUR, GBP, and other currencies, perform both SWIFT and SEPA transfers, send and receive cryptocurrencies, and buy and sell cryptocurrencies, all in the palm of their hand.

This will soon be followed by a number of solutions and services to make the everyday banking and crypto experience even more effortless.

All of this is made possible by the deployment of the [GO] Digital Banking Management Suite from Geniusto International.

The [GO] Suite provides a unique, Multi-Entity, Multi-Tenant, banking management suite that includes everything that a financial institution needs to launch its digital banking services.

The [GO] Suite is a highly flexible, scalable, and configurable tool set, that empowers the institution with freedom of choice to run its business the way it likes while remaining within the confines of ever-changing regulation.

The highly customer-centric suite provides a powerful core ledger, complete tools for on-boarding, AML screening, and risk scoring. Powerful payments orchestration with fees and charges management, automated postings, reconciliation and settlement, and transaction monitoring. Elegant mobile and internet banking applications, and a whole array of powerful, industry-specific features to handle currency exchange, domestic and international payments, card management, and more.

For those institutions that prefer to build their own applications and interfaces, the [GO] suite publishes a complete set of APIs and unique widgets to provide ‘embedded finance’ to their downstream customers in a multi tenant configuration.

Matthew Edmunds, Group CEO of Geniusto, said:
“We are thrilled to welcome Banxe to the Geniusto family as their core technology provider and long-term partner in this exciting, ground-breaking new endeavour. The world of international payments is rapidly changing, and we congratulate the team at Banxe for taking the bold steps that they have to be a ‘first mover’ in this rapidly evolving space.
We are particularly proud of our multi tenant capabilities that allow a Bank or EMI institution to offer payments as a service to their downstream customers in a simple and seamless manner, making the [GO] Suite the core solution of choice for many institutions across Europe, UK, and Southeast Asia.”

Alex Guts, CEO at Banxe, shared:
“At Banxe, we carefully select our partners as we strive to provide the most secure and convenient services for our clients. Our partnership with Geniusto has been a thriving and promising experience for our project. Geniusto’s team has shown outstanding expertise and a client-centric approach, and their effective solution has streamlined our day-to-day operations and simplified banking management processes. Geniusto’s solutions and services are a good match for both startups and scaleups.”

Banxe launched worldwide and today provides its clients with top-notch banking and crypto services. Whether you are a crypto project, startup, Web3 founder, or just a day-to-day user – Banxe will fulfil your needs. You can operate with traditional and cryptocurrencies daily, make local and international payments, and buy and sell crypto instantly. Cutting-edge technology, a customer-first approach, and a revolutionary mindset are the components that make Banxe your next banking solution. A better banking solution.

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