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Payments made easy for Amaiz Business Clients with Geniusto Digital Banking Platform

Amaiz Ltd, a leading, digital-only business banking services provider inked a contract with Geniusto for the award winning, all-in-one digital banking platform. Amaiz is a digital-only banking service that provides current accounts to both retail and business clients. Amaiz went live with the platform in March 2021. With Geniusto technology, the banking service will be […]

Geniusto International Completes Series ‘A’ Capital Raise in just three months

November 30, 2021 – Perth Australia headquartered fintech, ‘Geniusto International Ltd.’ announced today that it has successfully completed its Series A capital raising round closing out the raise at US$ 6.2 Million. Geniusto is a provider of world class applications for banks, EMI holders, PSP’s, and Telcos with a strong client base across Europe and […]

AGRIBANK selects Geniusto to provide a world class mobile banking platform

Oct 19th 2021 – Manila Philippines. Agribusiness Rural Bank, Inc. one of the top ten rural banking institutions in the Philippines, locally known as ‘AGRIBANK’, in a virtual signing event on Zoom signed a multi-year agreement with Geniusto to provide world class mobile banking capabilities for their customers. Shane Hermans, President of Geniusto Philippines, signed […]

Geniusto powers Cantilan Bank’s mobile banking platform

Next-generation financial software solutions and services provider firm Geniusto Philippines Inc. (a division of Geniusto International a Perth Australia based FinTech), is powering Cantilan Bank’s (CANBNK) mobile banking platform as part of its initiative to pioneer digital countryside finance. Cantilan Bank’s mobile banking platform is cleverly named ‘iCAN., iCAN is a mobile banking app that […]

Transform Your Digital Service Offerings Using Digital Payments

Transformation. This is, perhaps, the key theme of the past year and a half. Banking behaviors transformed. Consumer expectations and behaviors transformed. Business operations transformed. From the way people and businesses communicate to the way customers make payments, one thing is for sure: the transformation is moving towards a more digitally enabled world. If there […]

Have you got the right enablers for your business banking customers?

MSMEs are switching to digital banking services. Fueled by the needs of the market and their growing experience with digital platforms, businesses are now moving towards payment service providers and financial institutions that can provide them with a better banking experience through a digital platform. This intent to switch hasn’t gone unnoticed by traditional banks […]
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