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Have you got the right enablers for your business banking customers?

MSMEs are switching to digital banking services. Fueled by the needs of the market and their growing experience with digital platforms, businesses are now moving towards payment service providers and financial institutions that can provide them with a better banking experience through a digital platform. This intent to switch hasn’t gone unnoticed by traditional banks […]

Business Banking Isn’t Business As Usual Anymore

Business-as-usual has gone out the window. Global economic events as a result of the ongoing health crisis made sure of that. Retail banking has received more attention of late wherein banks are providing rapid servicing with a personal touch through digital platforms. But what about businesses? Business customers are looking for that same level of […]

Business at the core of every Financial Institution

Business recovery is the prevalent theme for most if not all MSMEs this 2021. Now more than ever, they will rely on their incumbent banks to provide them with financial conduits so that they can revive their businesses in the months to come and banks will play a crucial role in their recovery. Micro to […]

Experience a Customer Boom Through Digital Payments

2020 saw a global boom in contactless transactions. Fueled by an ever-increasing demand for consumers to have access to digital payments, companies globally are moving vast to adopt digital payments as part of their customer service offerings. From e-wallets to digital cards, providing these digital services to their customers has been the main thrust of […]

Transact Pro Makes A Brilliant Choice For A Systems Provider

June 1, 2021– Transact Pro, based in Riga, Latvia ( E.U.), has chosen GENIUSTO as its new banking ledger (core) system provider. Transact Pro is focused on providing white-label card issuing and acquiring services as well as payment processing solutions based on proprietary platforms and APIs. The company has converted its core ledger platform to […]

A new partnership emerges to deliver next level mobile banking in the Philippines

Geniusto International, a global fintech company headquartered out of Perth Australia, has partnered with Oradian, a respected fintech company based out of Croatia, to deliver seamless, end to end, digital banking and payments solution for banks and financial institutions in the Philippines. Both companies from their respective offices in the Philippines have taken the lead […]
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