Business Banking Isn’t Business As Usual Anymore

Business Banking Isn’t Business As Usual Anymore

Business-as-usual has gone out the window. Global economic events as a result of the ongoing health crisis made sure of that. Retail banking has received more attention of late wherein banks are providing rapid servicing with a personal touch through digital platforms. But what about businesses?

Business customers are looking for that same level of attention as these businesses are embarking on their digital transformation journeys and want to expand locally and globally. As a result, more and more financial institutions are now waking up to the fact that their business banking customers are the heartbeat of economic growth and require cost-effective enablers in the digital space without the sacrifice of service.

As businesses recover, the speed at which they can open business accounts with banks to the speed at how these businesses can transfer money has become more crucial. For banks to service this demand, banks need to have the right digital platforms that rely less on paper-based procedures to process applications, payments and to analyze financial data. Financial Institutions as well as their business banking customers, now need better ways to analyze financial data and make data-driven decisions. Therefore, Financial Institutions need to provide a better, more cost-effective relevant service to both retail and business banking customers to give them a seamless, fast and simple banking experience through an omnichannel platform.

We have this platform, and it is called OmniPLUS+

OmniPLUS+ is an all-in-one mobile and internet platform for retail and business that automates payments and processes, solving the problem with process automation, real-time local and global payments, and settlements, allowing you to compete on price and service. With OmniPLUS+, banks and payment service providers can quickly adapt to a more customer-centric position, providing both retail and business banking customers with any time, anywhere banking. Through the platform, personnel can transform into trusted financial advisors of business banking customers, adding value for their customers and removing inefficiencies of manual processing. Through OmniPLUS+, your financial institution will be able to:

  • Onboard and serve more
  • Customer due diligence AML Transaction and Fraud Monitoring
  • Processing of large quantities of payments, operations, and services
  • Reduction of the number of mistakes, caused by manual processing
  • Automated processing payments, operations, and services
  • Calculation of commissions and collection process
  • Automated collection of commissions on payments and services
  • Extension of the range of services, making it possible to run complex settlement schemes and commission types
  • Automated selection of payment network, correspondent, and intermediary bank
  • Payments flow optimization between different Nostro accounts
  • Monitoring of the Nostro position
  • Simplicity and flexibility of integration with other systems

    Adapt to the growing expectations of your corporate customers and give your business banking customers all the tools they need to grow whilst remaining competitive on price and service.
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