Core Banking Platform

A next-generation core banking platform built for the era of open banking

Geniusto's core banking platform has advanced business rules orchestration, payment services integration and analytics that allows banks to develop and deploy products and services pro-actively. We utilize open and Agile technology and this provides banks with innovation and flexibility that is required to be on top of the game all the time. Our core banking platform is in use by banking institutions across 25 countries for their day-to-day operations.

Omni Channel Architecture

Our stack of solutions integrates digital banking into all areas of a bank, helping the bank fundamentally change on how it delivers value to customers. Our Omni-Channel platform will help accelerate banks to innovate in terms of service and product delivery to customers and allows the bank to design customer experience from the outside in.

Easy Integration

Our core banking platform is built for and adapts well to new business models in banking. It provides a simple yet powerful tool that delivers seamless integration into a broader ecosystem. The HUB software creates an easy to implement integration layer and development framework between the e-Banking environment and other software components in the bank’s own or external infrastructure. It also includes workflow and documents processing.

Core Banking Platform

Core Banking – We Create a Modern Developer Experience.

A single platform for bespoke business logic, business rules orchestration, integration management and low-code process design with a visual designer.

Open API Omni-Channel Core Banking System

Application module is the controller and the brain of the functionality and contains an easy to understand and adaptable industry standard description. The business logic is detailed in BPMN models in a way that business as well as IT staff will understand the functionality.



Simple yet incredibly powerful tools for all essential actions from clients to accounts and transactions. Allowing any developer to drive the Geniusto engine programmatically.


Open Data Dictionary

Fully transparent and well-documented public data dictionary which provides a deep understanding of the data structure for reporting and business insights purposes.


Custom Apps

Extend the Geniusto user interface via contextual custom apps with your own screens, data fields and forms which can be built and hosted anywhere.



Secured conditional notification callouts from Geniusto to any external systems allowing for event-driven architectures.


Offline Mode

Fast Data-enabled Streaming APIs facilitate unlimited reporting, data warehousing and business intelligence capabilities.


Developer SDK’s

Full developer SDKs in every major programming language from .NET to Java, Ruby and Python.

The PSI Interface - Modern Core Banking Engine

Out-of-the-box functional rich mobile and online platform. Extensive functionality for retail and business banking. Supports agile development and add-on adaptations.

The PSI Interface - Modern Core Banking Engine

Admin Console Features

  • Customer and related persons management
  • Accounts management
  • Loans and deposits
  • Payments and transfers
  • Utility payments
  • In-App Marketing Campaigns
  • FX trading
  • Batch payments load
  • Secure correspondence within the system
  • Flexible Settings

Architecture with Process Orchestrator

A single platform for bespoke business logic, business rules orchestration, integration management and low-code process design with a visual designer.


Rules Tree-Editor

The editor is an add-on to the BPMN capabilities allowing the description of more complexed processes with dependencies.


Rules Author

Graphical rule BPMN editor including business dictonaries and best practice process description of the utility processes.


Rules Engine

Business rules creation and conversion into software. SDK for own business rules development.

Solution Benefits

The Platform


Industry Expertise

Different markets requirements - EU, CIS, Middle East, Africia, Asia Conformity to industry payment networks and security requirements


Peer to Peer Payments

By phone number
By any social netowrks ID


Solution Special Features

Payments and transfers, Intelligent payments routing, Utility payments, Direct debits, Recurring payments, Calendar and cut-off times Group payments


Utility Payments

Different schemes support, Automated payments, Payments group and baskets


Transaction Notification

Managed by user Delivery by email, push, SMS, or web


Multiple Languages Support

Configurable with language sets


The Platform

  • Automated processing of various payment types
  • User interface, focused on specifics of payments processing
  • Control of payment correctness at all the processing stages
  • Monitoring of the Nostro position
  • Combination of a rigid scenario and flexible selection of a solution in processing of non-typical situations
  • Description of accounting rules
  • Built-in operational reporting system
  • Organization of payment flows conditions and stages of processing
  • Calculation of commissions and collection process
  • Dispatching of the payment between different systems
  • Selection of the payment route
  • Automated selection of payment network, correspondent and intermediary bank
  • Payments flow optimization between different Nostro accounts
  • Processing Schemes and Rules
  • Execution of a deferred payment after receipt of sufficient funds to the sender account
  • Investigation of non-standard cases based on previously set up scenarios and templates
Geniusto Fraud Monitoring and AML Solution

With the advent of digital transformation, the significance of Fraud Monitoring and AML is becoming increasingly important.


Customer Information and Document Verification

New or existing customers are screened for their transactions based on the scoring values set by customer.


Risk Database

From specific data sources, manual, UN & government, sanctions and PEPs etc.


Transaction Screening and Monitoring (AML)

Align customer and document data with the AML process


Customer Risk Profiling

Upload external listings from excel and against risk database



Whitelisting of senders and beneficiaries for customers to stop or flag transactions based on exceed the declared amount threhold



AML reporting on a regular basis

PSD2 Open Banking Framework

Banking is experiencing dramatic changes due to increasing levels of digitalization. Open Banking can bring about a huge number of ways to add revenue and generate value. Geniusto Hub offers a growing network of partners both cost-and resource-efficiently and frees members from having to track and code occuring changes themselves and letting them focus on their core activities.

Open Banking refers to banking, financial service and insurance providers opening up their application programming interfaces (APIs) to third party providers (TPPs), so that the TPPs and financial technology (fintech) providers have access to their data and can, based on that, build new applications and services or create new services together with financial institutions. Data regarding other services, such as moirtgages, insurances and funds, can remain a secret.

Geniusto Hub offers a growing network of partners both cost-and resource-efficiently and frees members from having a track and code occuring changes themselves and letting them focus on their core activities.

PSD2 Open Banking Framework
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