DTAP 2020 delivers a successful online accelerator workshop  

DTAP 2020 delivers a successful online accelerator workshop  

DTAP 2020 delivers a successful online accelerator workshop  

Helping BFSIs move closer to digital transformation 

Another milestone of the company is the recently concluded Digital Transformation Accelerator (DTAP) Workshop. Originally conceived in 2017, this workshop is in its 4th iteration, improving over the years to reflect the ever-changing requirements in Geniusto’s market: the financial institutions. The 2020 DTAP event, which ran from November 23 – 26, 2020. 

Facilitated by Aleksander Wyka, Geniusto’s Principal Enterprise Architect, the workshop was a momentous event for the company as it surpassed its 2019 registrations by more than 100% with more than 110 people registering for the virtual workshop. This can be attributed to the excellent workshop material provided by Aleksander. Unlike the previous years where the attendees came from banks, this year’s DTAP attendees were an eclectic mix of professionals from various industries and agencies. This reflects the value that DTAP has and, as a result, several financial institutions are interested in engaging Geniusto to run a DTAP within their company.

This year’s DTAP was participated in by two industry giants: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cantilan Bank.

Peter Murray, Head of FSI ASEAN for Amazon Web Services, provide key learning and useful insights about AWS’s experience in the modernization, innovation and transformation of BFSIs that the company had worked with.

Tanya Hotchkiss, Executive Vice President of Cantilan Bank, shared their bank’s digitalization journey, expounding on the importance of innovation and digitalization to banks and to their customers.

 In 2018, the company ran a DTAP event at the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (DTAP) along with two other partners. The event was an overwhelming success wherein more than 150 organizations participated. The satisfaction level by attendees on how the workshop was conducted and the level of quality of the content again proved the efficacy of the program. 

An overwhelming majority rated the quality of the program as very high, garnering an average of 4.5 of 5 marks and an overwhelming 94% of the attendees are willing to recommend the workshop to the other players in the industries that they belong to. 

Leveraging the success of this workshop, Geniusto is planning to introduce new workshops that will benefit BSFIs and their employees. 

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