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Payments Technology

Next Level Payment Transactions

With Geniusto, payments are now more secured than ever before and can be done digitally – and its real time with no delay in transactions. It comes with different form of payment method and the technology that comes with it are integrated with blockchain, making it more possible to do inter and intrabanking and even cryptocurrency exchanges.

About Payments Technology

Payments Technology

Our sophisticated payment gateway technologies allows payment companies & merchants to process & accept payments anywhere in the world managing complex payment cycles. We partner only with duly evaluated vendors, offer bundled technologies and deploy them based on the client needs-providing the best possible solutions out there.


Utility Payment Processing

Utility payment processing facilitates, manages and create financial flows between the customers of the bank and bill providers.

Payments and related remittance information are aggregated from all channels being utilised and are sent electronically through a single interface stream, in the agreed upon format and at the agreed processing period.



  • Banks can offer highly advanced and customised bill handling process to utility/service providers providing a competitive differentiator.
  • Increase of turnover and fee income.
  • Increase of customer satisfaction.
  • Reduction of handling costs.


Front office functionality

E-Banking channels need to provide an easy accessible and understandable way to access the bill payment services by customers.


Front-end implementation may include:

  • Geniusto Software supporting the bank to add forms to e-banking channels.
  • Adding an SDK for the bank to add functionality to the existing e-banking channels.
  • Bank selecting GCP- E-Banking channel software.
Direct Debit

Cater to direct debit which is an established form of payment that is widely used world wide.

Credit Card

Process payment of international recognized card schemes as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners, JCB and China UnionPay.

Online Transfer

Online Transfer allows to connect securely to customer's banking facility and transfer money as a form of payment.

Utility Payments

Facilitates, manages and create financial flows between the customers of the bank and utility companies or bill providers.


E-Wallet, E-Money or virtual account is also available like PayPal, Skrill, CashU etc.


We cater to emerging solutions and technology requiring blockchain, application development for use within financial services and supply chain management.

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