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Engage Marketing BI

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About Engage Marketing BI

Engage Marketing Intelligence & Business Analytics


Geniusto Engage is a software that enables a business to do marketing to its customers in the digital channel. This platform provides interactive messaging via existing digital channels allowing banks to offer services via the right channel at the right moment with the right offer. With what Geniusto has to offer, banks can use digital engagement to deliver positive brand experiences, support their business goals and build valuable and long-term relationships. Engage will convert bank’s data automatically (e.g. back office, CRM, BI etc.) into meaningful messages to the customer in the micro moment of their log-on. It also banks to address the rational needs as well as create an emotional connection.


Key Benefits:


  • Handles all types of communication. A two-way, in and out-platform communication and two main types of messaging: targeted — based on segmentation and defined campaign and moment specific — based on the action of the client.
  • All types of messages to the digital channels from a single, integrated control point.
  • Full omni-channel capabilities – communication through major digital touch points and message chaining to stimulate use of numerous channels to ensure reach without compromising the client’s convenience.
  • Engage is one of the most powerful direct marketing tools available today. A campaign created can be assigned to one or several segments, client groups or single client. Allowing the bank to target the customers with general information, product offerings or upgrades or just wish a customer a happy birthday. With Campaigns customers can be connected to offers.
  • Wide range of messaging technologies, such as e-mail and SMS/MMS, push and notifications, in-platform messaging and Interactive Visual to ensure interactivity, instant response and non-intrusive context.
  • Interactive and direct campaign responses and the metrics representing valuable behavioral information.
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