Ensuring DORA Compliance: Geniusto’s [GO] Suite—The Perfect On-Premise & Cloud Solution for European FI’s

Ensuring DORA Compliance: Geniusto’s [GO] Suite—The Perfect On-Premise & Cloud Solution for European FI’s
July 3, 2024 | By Geniusto

As the January 17, 2025 deadline for the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) approaches, European financial institutions must prepare to comply with this comprehensive regulation aimed at enhancing digital operational resilience. For those seeking a robust, cost-effective solution, Geniusto’s [GO] Suite offers an ideal option.


Understanding DORA and Its Impact

DORA is a regulatory framework designed to strengthen the resilience of EU-based financial institutions against digital risks. Its primary focus is to mitigate risks associated with solution vendors, particularly SaaS vendors, ensuring that financial entities can maintain operational integrity and resilience in the face of disruptions. Geniusto’s [GO] Suite addresses these challenges head-on by providing a secure, reliable, and adaptable platform that goes beyond the standard SaaS model.


Why Geniusto’s [GO] Suite is Ideal for DORA Compliance

Unlike many software providers that offer only SaaS solutions, Geniusto is not limited to this model. This makes us a more attractive partner under DORA, as we provide both on-premise and cloud-based options, ensuring enhanced control over operational processes and compliance.

Geniusto’s [GO] Suite is an advanced, modular platform designed to streamline complex transaction business operations. With its comprehensive set of features, the [GO] Suite helps EU financial institutions meet and exceed DORA’s stringent requirements through robust ICT risk management, streamlined incident management and reporting, advanced resilience testing, effective third-party risk management, and secure information sharing.

With DORA’s emphasis on third-party risk management, it’s crucial to partner with vendors that adhere to stringent standards. As a trusted third-party vendor, Geniusto is ISO 27001 certified, providing top-notch support for both application and infrastructure. We work diligently to ensure the stability and uptime of our solutions, helping financial institutions manage third-party risks effectively and ensuring compliance with regulatory expectations.

Cost-Effective and Scalable Solution

The [GO] Suite is budget-friendly, especially for SMEs, with a “Pay as You Grow” model that aligns with customer growth, making it a viable choice for institutions of all sizes.

Enhancing Legacy Systems

For institutions with legacy core banking systems, the [GO] Suite enhances and extends system life, ensuring compliance with modern regulatory requirements, including DORA.

Global Readiness and Deployment

With a proven track record in European and Southeast Asian markets, Geniusto supports smooth transitions for EU financial entities. Its multi-tenant capability and flexible hosting options (cloud or local) further enhance operational efficiency.

Ensuring Resilience with On-Premise and Cloud Solutions

Unlike many cloud-only solutions, Geniusto offers both on-premise and cloud-based options, ensuring business continuity and operational resilience. This dual approach safeguards against disruptions, allowing institutions to maintain compliance and service delivery even if a vendor faces significant outages.



As DORA reshapes the regulatory landscape, Geniusto’s [GO] Suite stands out as a comprehensive, modular, and cost-effective solution. Unlike many other software providers that offer only cloud-based solutions, Geniusto provides both on-premise and cloud options. Most SaaS solutions offered by other software vendors can pose compliance and resilience risks under DORA, but Geniusto’s flexible deployment options ensure minimal disruption and enhanced operational resilience. This gives financial institutions the assurance they need to maintain compliance with DORA. By choosing Geniusto, financial institutions can confidently navigate the complexities of DORA with a robust partner committed to their success and continuity in the digital economy.