ePera application claims the title of Fintech Future.

ePera application claims the title of Fintech Future.

Original post Jacek Uryniuk as featured in Cashless.pl.

Fintech Future is one of four categories of annual cashless.pl fintech awards. 

ePera is a special purpose vehicle founded in Singapore by the developers of the Haiz application that Aliora once offered . After the founder and long-term president Wojciech Sobieraj left this bank, in 2018 the institution abandoned the Haiz project. But his originators did not give up and went with their idea to Asia, where they develop it together with the Australian group Geniusto International. 

Under the ePera name, family and friends tests are currently being conducted. social banking, which offers new opportunities to clients, banks and their business partners. – The combined system of banking products with non-financial products gives the opportunity to increase turnover, revenues of external partners, the number of customers, their loyalty and awareness – I read on the ePera website. The owners hope that the commercial implementation of the project will take place soon, and the experience gained in Asia will allow customers to share a similar solution in Poland. 

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Dormant in the concept of social banking, the operator of the ePera application claims the title of Fintech Future. The company is the third company (next to Autopay and Boomerun ) nominated in this category. Companies with the greatest potential for success in the future have a special chance to win this title. 

Cashless.pl will also award prizes in the Fintech of the Year category for the company with the greatest successes over the past 12 months (Autenti, Banqware, Blik , Cashy and PayPo were nominated in this category ). The other two categories are the Fintech Project (for fintech created by traditional institutions like banks) and the Fintech Personality (for the person with the greatest impact on the fintech industry in Poland). 

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The editors nominate the prizes and the winners will be chosen by the jury appointed by cashless.pl. There are recognized managers and experts from banks and other financial institutions, fintechs, payment companies, industry organizations, etc. 

The announcement of the cashless.pl fintech prize winners will be accompanied by the presentation of the Polish Fintech 2020 Map. This is the third edition of the project that presents the Polish fintech industry in the fullest possible way. The first map was published in 2018. The project partner is the Fintech Poland foundation. Usually the map presentation takes place during the Cashless Fintech Evening special event. This year, due to an epidemic threat, the map premiere will take place online on June 18. 

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