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Financial Services & Banking

Being compliant is the best way to deliver risk-free financial services and banking business.

Rules, regulations and mandate are in place not to slow you down –  hence they are meant to protect you, your business and your clients.

About Financial Services & Banking

Financial Services and Banking

Many organisations within the financial services are aware that this particular sector has a more detailed appreciation of risk and compliance than other market.  In such a tightly regulated industry, it’s imperative that organisations keep up with the latest regulatory and technological developments.



General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & Philippines Data Privacy Act (DPA) consultancy

We can supply best-practice solutions for GDPR compliance and aligned with the Philippines DPA, from understanding the position and developing a remediation roadmap through to implementing a best-fit data protection framework.

The GDPR has transformed how personal data is collected, shared and used globally. To ensure GDPR compliance, organisations will need to make changes to policies, processes and contracts, as well as in technical and organisational measures.



Cyber security and the financial services sector

Cyber attacks continue to make headlines on a regular basis. As the techniques used by criminal hackers become increasingly sophisticated and financial services organisations remain attractive targets, it has never been more important to improve organisational cyber resilience.


Please contact Geniusto to find out how we can help your organisation protect itself from cybersecurity threats.

Geniusto can help you risk management, IT Governance and compliance solutions, with a special focus on cyber resilience, data protection, the PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and cyber security.

Whether you are a financial institution or enterprise customer, we can tailor our wide range of products and services to meet your organisational needs.



Fraud Prevention

We understand that fraud prevention is a serious challenge in the mortgage market. The emphasis to speed up the mortgage application process goes against the need for careful assessment of the applicant’s profile. Incorrect evaluation of a potential lender is associated with high expenses and can cause serious financial damage to organizations. Therefore, we provide mortgage providers with proper fraud prevention techniques.

FPS is a fully automated solution developed by Davinci that uses different rules, profiles and risk models to check mortgage applications on the possible presence of fraud. FPS supports mortgage providers in fraud prevention and thus helps cut risks of bad investments. FPS brings effectiveness to the mortgage application process by the quick automated disclosure of fraudulent cases. With FPS, your organization can significantly reduce time and operational errors associated with the manual assessment of fraud in mortgage applications.


Why FPS?

  • Fully automated system with predefined and client specific business rules for fraud detection.
  • Banks can reduce the financial reserves, because the overall fraud levels are reduced.
  • FPS supports detection of fraud in the mortgage application process and is used as a fraud register.
  • Solution can be integrated with front-, mid- and back-office systems.
  • FPS facilitates the four-eyes principle in the mortgage application workflow.
  • The system directly affects operational efficiency and enables a high degree of straight through processing.


Fraud Risk Evaluation. The most essential part of FPS is a fraud scorecard utilized to carefully assess each mortgage application item on the possible presence of fraud. Variables are checked on different levels of control detecting inconsistencies, improbabilities and similarities with previous registrations. On a basis of decision rules, a score is assigned to every application and if a specific limit set by the organization is exceeded, the item is identified as potentially fraudulent.


Efficient Automated Process. All applications are assigned to fraud researchers who evaluate them and follow the steps to investigate the particular fraud type as efficiently as possible. The output of this evaluation is then sent to the manager for approval. FPS provides additional functionality to use models of the Dutch Property Valuation (NBWO) in order to verify if the appraised value received by the notary represents the real value of property. FPS business rules exist like dynamic components of the software tool and can be easily configured to meet requirements of clients.


Fraud & Improper Payments. Anticipate, protect and prevent using modern analytics and embedded artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Safeguard your organization’s reputation and your bottom line. Stop improper payments associated with fraud, waste and abuse before they occur. Get early warning of emerging threats. And keep costs in check. Geniusto in collaboration with SAS adds an essential layer of security intelligence protection to your e-banking solutions so you can:


  • Detect fraud, waste and abuse with accuracy and precision. We take a hybrid approach to surveillance, combining advanced analytics, AI, and supervised and unsupervised machine learning with traditional detection methods to uncover suspicious events. Our approach includes the latest advances in graph analytics, social network analysis, anomaly detection and text analytics, providing you with the most effective surveillance scheme.
  • Gain a realistic, holistic view of your fraud risk. We give you an integrated view across all channels and portfolios. Smart case management, entity link analysis, AI and machine learning methods, such as outlier detection, reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among your customers, accounts and other entities across all lines of business.
  • Quickly uncover and adapt to new, complex fraud schemes. AI techniques, including adaptive machine learning methods and unsupervised intelligent agents, identify emerging threats and automatically suggest new rules and scenarios in real time, further reducing your risk from exposure to fraud, waste and abuse.




Meet growing global compliance demands.


  • Comply with ever-changing regulations. Confidently and accurately monitor growing volumes of transactions. And take a risk-based approach to compliance that increases transparency and reduces your compliance risk. With our security intelligence solutions, you can:
  • Meet regulatory mandates for greater transparency in less time, at less cost. Adopt a complete solution that supports the entire compliance process.
  • Rapidly visualize and simulate multiple scenarios. Detect suspicious activity faster than ever – in seconds, not hours – and reveal emerging risk exposures.Spend less time on false positives and more time on strategic goals. Apply powerful statistical optimization to models for more effective monitoring and accurate alerts.
  • Strengthen your model governance processes. Simulate an array of models quickly, then test and tune before implementation, so you can respond faster to evolving risks.



Risk Management, IT Governance and Compliance (RMITGC)

We can provide consultancy services covering any framework or management standard to any organisation.



Public Security

Spend less time investigating crime, more time preventing it.


  • Respond faster and more effectively to crime, terrorism and other security threats with a cohesive, analytics-based approach to risk and threat assessment. A single platform gives all agencies a unified view of information across all stages of the intelligence life cycle, so you can:


  • Ensure accurate, reliable intelligence. Give law enforcement and others fast access to trustworthy information. Our fraud detection software lets you direct, track and audit information as it moves through your systems – from planning and collecting to processing, analysing and disseminating – throughout the intelligence life cycle.


  • Quickly assess security threats and evaluate future risks. Use advanced analytics and data visualization to spot trends and connections that may indicate threats hidden in huge volumes of data. Then send alerts to commanders and officers so they can act quickly.


  • Stop crime through preventive policing. Conduct more targeted, productive investigations by analysing and simulating risks to determine which actions are most likely to produce desired outcomes.


  • Better manage borders. Give agents a big-picture view of all information so they can distinguish between suspicious and legitimate travellers and freight in real time.



Cyber Security

Prevent cyber attackers from lurking in your network’s blind spots…


  • Despite having security products and the best people in place, your network can still be infiltrated. The longer attackers are in your network, the more they learn. This destroys your information advantage and makes detection difficult. Cybersecurity analytics from SAS keeps you aware of normal and abnormal network behaviour so you can get ahead of security threats. With SAS, you can:


  • Detect suspicious network activity missed by your existing security intelligence investments. Get a continuous, holistic picture of network threats with greater precision of the results through analysis of network traffic flows enriched with business contextual information, such as asset data, organizational data, threat feeds and alerts from your current security infrastructure.


  • Deepen your network visibility, even as your network grows. Understand network behaviour now with analytics that evaluate device relationships and peer group behaviours. As the pioneer in big data analytics, SAS easily processes large data volumes and can scale with your network.


  • Increase the efficiency of your security operations center. Streamline investigations with accurate, prioritized warnings of suspicious activity and the ability to view the underlying meaning. Analytics-driven triage offers insights, guides action and reduces response time. Embedded analytics and real-time data contextualization allow security analysts to focus on information security, not data science.
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