Geniusto International Completes Series ‘A’ Capital Raise in just three months

Geniusto International Completes Series ‘A’ Capital Raise in just three months

November 30, 2021 – Perth Australia headquartered fintech, ‘Geniusto International Ltd.’ announced today that it has successfully completed its Series A capital raising round closing out the raise at US$ 6.2 Million.

Geniusto is a provider of world class applications for banks, EMI holders, PSP’s, and Telcos with a strong client base across Europe and SE Asia.

Geniusto’s recently installed Group CEO, Matthew Edmunds, was delighted with the result, and with the speed at which the company was able to close the round.

“We are very happy to announce today that we have closed our Series A round with US$ 6.2 million of fresh capital to scale the company and to continue the rapid enhancement of our IP.

The global payments industry is on fire at the moment and tremendous disruption is happening on all fronts. The Geniusto suite of ‘Digital Economy Management Tools’ is perfectly placed to bring to regulated institutions, both a mature and battle tested payments orchestration solution, and the capability to scale rapidly to add new products and services.

The Geniusto core solution has been serving regulated institutions for almost twenty years now.  With the latest innovations in the payment industry and the strong challenge from the crypto world; we saw that it is the perfect time to marry the two worlds.

Geniusto will bring a ‘Crypto Payments Gateway’ into its suite of Payment Orchestration tools to allow traditional institutions to begin to enjoy the benefits of crypto transactions whilst  providing them with the opportunity to have some exposure to crypto services without taking large risks. We will, over the next few years embrace more and more block chain and crypto based services. We will judiciously select the right technologies and protocols to enhance our portfolio and to help our customers steadily adopt the ‘new normal’ in the finance world where crypto will inevitably be front and center.

We would like to also take this opportunity to thank all of our new investors from around the world for placing their faith in our vision and for joining us on this exciting journey into this rapidly evolving world of digital financial transactions.”

Geniusto International is headquartered in Perth Australia and has subsidiaries in Singapore, Philippines, UK, and soon to be The United States.


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