Geniusto powers TeslaPay with Mobile Banking solutions

Geniusto powers TeslaPay with Mobile Banking solutions
April 11, 2023 | By Geniusto

A new innovative digital bank – TeslaPay went live on July 15. It consists of a highly secure and configurable mobile banking platform and secure Mobile Banking App for both Android and iOS provided by Geniusto.

The Mobile Banking solution is part of Geniusto’s multi-experience digital banking platform that works atop of any core banking system. Although TeslaPay uses a core banking system from Canopus, they selected Geniusto’s mobile solution for its exceptional flexibility.

With Geniusto’s intelligent solution, TeslaPay can provide customers with a better user experience with full functionality. Now customers can easily and securely enter the mobile app through a seamless onboarding process and access bank accounts, cards, and secure payments from the palm of their hand.

The Mobile Banking solution also gives TeslaPay the capability to grow and improve. From the backend, they can design new services and product offerings and seamlessly publish to mobile devices when ready to launch. Quick changes and real time updates for a fast paced world.

Geniusto’s Mobile Banking solution can be tailored to meet countless branding needs. And so TeslaPay can customise the look and feel to suit different branches, customers, and solutions in a matter of minutes. This functionality enhances the customer experience.

“It is with great pleasure that we affirm our partnership with the esteemed company Geniusto, which espouses an unwavering dedication to crafting exemplary products, solutions, and services anchored on cutting-edge technology and exhaustive worldwide research. Our collaborative efforts hold the promise of bringing forth innovative offerings that will further satisfy the needs of our valued clientele.” stated Heiki Murula, Managing director at TeslaPay.

Andrei Pavlov, Chief Technology Officer at Geniusto, shared that: “Partnering with TeslaPay t o develop a mobile banking solution offered them the right mix of flexibility, growth opportunities and meeting today’s customer needs. We believe our solution will take TeslaPay to a new level of digital transformation and help connect with customers on a deeper level by enabling seamless and fast communication through the mobile app.”

About Geniusto: 

Geniusto is a technology enabler for banks, payment providers, remittance companies, and eMoney issuers on an international scale. Headquartered in Australia, Geniusto’s digital banking and payment solutions are counted on by regulated institutions in a dozen countries across Europe and the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, and the USA. With a mission to empower financial institutions with elegant and efficient solutions, Geniusto is designing a better customer experience.

About TeslaPay:

TeslaPay is an electronic money institution licensed in Lithuania that provides non-limited online transaction facilities. TeslaPay is recognised for its reliable, fast, and secure payment processing system. With 3D Secure authentication, advanced fraud prevention, and PCI DSS compliance, TeslaPay guarantees that all transactions are safe and protected. By partnering with TeslaPay, you can be confident that customers’ payment data will be handled confidentially and with the highest level of security. TeslaPay services are available throughout the European Economic Area (EEA).

Links to the TeslaPay App: 

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