Getting A Slice Of The Big Digital Payments Pie

Getting A Slice Of The Big Digital Payments Pie

The events of 2020 pushed digital platforms to the hands of consumers, and along with that push came a demand for contactless payments. Fueled by how easy it is to settle bills, consumers have adopted digital payment applications at a rate never seen before. Incumbents or those financial institutions that were already in the digital payment scene reaped the rewards, some by more than 10-fold and, because of this, banks and other financial institutions have started their moves to get a slice of the digital payments pie and get their game on in a lucrative market.

How can you get your slice of the pie?

PSI, an omnichannel payment services platform is designed to take financial institutions to the next level, empowering customers digitally across the globe to carry out their transactions with ease and speed.

PSI a highly scalable and powerful multilingual, multicurrency foreign exchange payments & settlements platform. PSI works for payment service providers and financial institutions including payment processing companies, e-commerce, teleco’s to banks and insurance companies. PSI can formulate a 100% automated or semi-automated algorithm to process large volumes of payments and collection of commissions securely and capable of monitoring and reporting transactions. The platform has an advanced rules orchestration engine that allows business to set their own business rules and processes within the platform. This results in fewer mistakes that are mostly caused by human error and greater efficiencies due to automation. PSI extensive features for payment process lets businesses accept and process payments both locally and globally, extending the client network of the business.

Payments will change the game this year and in the coming years. Geniusto can help you get into that game and do so quickly with no fuss and minimal disruption to your business process. To find out how email us at and let’s start to get your digital payments game on.

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