Governance, Risk, and Compliance Can Be Your Digital Transformation Hero

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Can Be Your Digital Transformation Hero

Digital transformation is bringing to organizations a wide array of opportunities for business growth. Applied correctly, a digital transformation program can not only bring business growth to a company but operational efficiencies as well. However, in a mad rush to implement a digital transformation program, a lot of companies are just focusing on technology. They overlook a crucial component of an effective and lasting digital transformation program: GRC.

GRC or governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) is the often overlooked must-have hero for a truly successful digital transformation program. Companies that are looking to rush their digital transformation program need to step back a bit and assess the GRC footprint of the program. For those who are just about to start their digital transformation journey, they need to incorporate GRC into their existing project framework and do so from the very start. However, this is easier said than done – and this is the reason Geniusto is offering a 2-day workshop on the role of GRC in digital transformation.

On April 26 – 27, Geniusto will conduct its first Digital Transformation Accelerator Program (DTAP) workshop for the new year. Aptly titled “DX Programs – Don’t Leave Security, Risk, and Compliance Out of the Equation’’, the award-winning fintech company’s internal experts shall provide useful information on how best to include GRC and infosec for an effective digital transformation program.

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