Grow Customer Transaction Volume With Digital Payments

Grow Customer Transaction Volume With Digital Payments

Demand for digital payment options for merchants has surged in the last 16 months. Along with this is a demand from consumers for their incumbents to provide digital payment options as the consumers have realized that digital payments are faster, more secure, and more reliable. This demand is moving banks, financial services, corporations, businesses, and merchants to adopt open payment platforms that can be easily integrated with API-capable platforms.

Experts predict that by the close of 2021, the volume of digital payments will go beyond US$ 4 trillion. This proves that the massive growth of digital payments transaction in 2 years and is largely motivated by the need for cashless and contactless payments. This massive surge proves that digital payments are convenient, not constrained to time or location, secure, and economic i.e. no high charges.

As consumers have now made it their habit to pay digitally whenever and wherever they can, are expecting the same level of service from the B2B payments and transaction banking. As a result, customers are heavily demanding that their incumbents for personalization, customization, and reconstruction of the services that they offer give customers the facility to pay and get paid. For their incumbents to achieve this, they must have a dependable, digital payment servicing platform and integrate that platform with existing systems/platforms – and Geniusto’s PSI gives you all of these and more.

PSI is our next generation, omnichannel payment solution. It has a highly scalable and powerful payments & settlements engine that has multilingual and multicurrency foreign capabilities. PSI works for almost any business type – from e-commerce companies to telecom companies to microinsurance companies. With PSI, companies can automate and process a large volume of payments and collection of commissions securely. The platform has advanced orchestration engine allows business to set their own business rules within the platform. This results in fewer mistakes that are mostly caused by human error. PSI extensive features for payment process lets business accept and process payments both locally and globally, extending the client network of the business. What is more, PSI isn’t complex to integrate with any of your existing API-capable systems.

One of the concerns about digital payments is security and modern payment service interface providers are implementing means to ensure that all transactions are safe. Our PSI solution has all the modern security features in place – from biometrics to actual liveness checks – to help your bank authenticate the person making the transaction based on recognizable, unique, specific, and verifiable data.

To learn more about how we can help your business take advantage of what the digital payment revolution has to offer, contact us now at and let us start to get your digital payments game on.

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