HR and Payroll Platform

The best HR and Payroll Platform to date. Built by payroll experts to enable
your HR system effectively - without being too overly complicated.

Our HR and Payroll Platform is a flexible and powerful platform which enables three key process clusters: time and attendance, HR system, and payroll processing. Time and attendance solution introduces your organisation to a modern timekeeping device which takes advantage of cloud technology to synchronize log in/out with our HR system. Our HR system on the other hand is highly configurable to your business and industry. Different modules allow you to set leaves, payroll groups, scheduling, approval conditions, etc., which in turn synchronizes with the cloud, with viewable real-time by your employees via web or mobile application. Our Payroll Processing Services is smart enough to deliver ongoing payroll tax reforms, computation of salaries, generation of payslips, preparations for government reports, calculations for night differentials, holiday and overtime pay, and statutory deduction computations.

Built with Real Timekeeping Solution

Our timekeeping device ensures that your data is centralized nationwide. With offline capabilities, you are able to capture timekeeping data for workers at the office or on the go. Workers are able to clock in and out through through Biometric Fingerprint Reader or NFC Scanner.

Integration with Other Platforms

Our platform provides an end-to-end cloud-based payroll management system that helps you to manage unlimited schedules and accommodate leave requests. As a result, you are able to deliver timely and accurate payroll whilst enjoying a smooth and efficient payroll process.

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