Inclusive Business Banking Across All Business Sectors

Inclusive Business Banking Across All Business Sectors

Business recovery is the prevalent theme for most if not all MSMEs. Now more than ever, they will rely on their incumbent banks to provide them with financial conduits so that they can revive their businesses in the months to come, and banks will play a crucial role in their recovery.

MSME Lifeblood of Most Asian Economies

The micro to small businesses is the lifeblood of most Asian economies. As MSMEs ramp up for revival, they are looking forward to the incumbents to provide them quick access to loans, credit, savings, and checking accounts. Therefore, banks have a central role to play in making economies and the lives of people go back to normal. Apart from providing financial services and advisory services for SMEs, banks will play key roles in supporting government policies that aim to get businesses back on track. For banks to do this, the right platform is needed that lessens the manual friction that is associated with legacy banking systems – and well call this platform OmniPLUS+

Getting Business Banking Unit to a New Level of Servicing

OmniPLUS+ is a next-generation banking platform that covers all the needs of a bank’s business banking unit. Aside from the normal services of deposit accounts, business checking accounts, and financial options, OmniPLUS+ can get your business banking unit to a new level of servicing business and corporate customers. OmniPLUS+ provides ePayments, eCommerce, and Internet banking solutions through a secured digital platform.

Platform with a Complete Business Banking Feature

Through the digitalized service offerings and automated process, your bank will be able to remove traditional hindrances associated with legacy banking systems so that the bank can acquire new customers, and sell new products. Our platform has all the necessary features that lessen customer friction in customer onboarding – from electronic document submission to the use of e-signature tools.

By removing all the blockers, banks will improve the propensity of MSMEs to engage with the banks rapidly and securely.

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