Innovate Your Digital Business Model With Digital Payments

Innovate Your Digital Business Model With Digital Payments

The global digital payments industry is expected to hit more than $6.6trn value by the end of 2021, a 40% increase in two years. As a result, more and more companies are moving into the digital payment space. The attraction of having digital payment offerings and services to customers has moved from good-to-have to must-have. The surge in development by online shopping platforms has created space for consumer purchased and new business models and opportunities for digital payment methods. Experts predict that in the next 4 years, the market is set to witness a tremendous surge in the mobile payment segment – by up to 90% by 2025!

Digital payments are innovating business models of financial service institutions. Digital payments are innovating ways people engage with their creditors, customers, vendors, banks, insurance companies, and other financial services institutions. The advancement of mobile technology that is coupled with the advancement in secure digital payments gave birth to new, simple-to-use, contactless payment methods that are drawing users the millions – and maybe even billions – globally. People globally now understand that contactless payments are the safer way to not only manage their money but also a faster way to settle obligations. Businesses now realize that providing digital payment services brings in a whole new lucrative income stream.

Geniusto has the perfect solution to get you into that fast-moving stream and we call it PSI.

PSI is our next generation, omnichannel payment solution. It has a highly scalable and powerful payments & settlements engine that has multilingual and multicurrency foreign capabilities. PSI works for almost any business type – from e-commerce companies to telecom companies to microinsurance companies. With PSI, companies can automate and process a large volume of payments and collection of commissions securely. The platform has advanced orchestration engine allows business to set their own business rules within the platform. This results in fewer mistakes that are mostly caused by human error. PSI extensive features for payment process lets business accept and process payments both locally and globally, extending the client network of the business. What is more, PSI isn’t complex to integrate with any of your existing API-capable systems.

Digital payments will continue to boom in the years to come and we can show you how your business can partake in that boom. To find out how email us at and let’s start to get your digital payments game on.

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