Loans Originations and Loans Management Platform

Easy, accurate, affordable, end-to-end online lending software system

The Loans Management Platform enables four clusters of process groups undertaken by customers and business upon conducting a loan: origination, servicing, management, and reporting. As a result, we ensure your business with a correct fit which will increase employee productivity, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and provide consolidated business reports. In addition the platform will flag incremental income opportunities to up-sell or cross sell additional products to high potential customers.

Solutions for: Loan Automation / Straight Through Processing / Speed Up Loan Processing Time / Speed Up Loan Approval Time

Process Automation in its Purest Form

Our servicing software system includes predictive triggers that alert you about potential bad debt, allowing you to control losses by fine tuning pricing or even closing an account. Plus there’s the added benefit of consolidated data across all your customers’ loan products, which allows you to identify up-sell and cross sell opportunities. And your marketing team can profile your best customers to improve on future marketing efforts. Our advanced profiling combined with consolidated reporting makes it easier to quantify and then optimize customer lifetime value.

Integration with Other Platforms

The Loans Management Platform allows for integration with our Omni-Channel and Social Banking Platforms to fully take advantage of other digital streams. Alternatively, we are able to integrate with your system andapplications via APIs. This way your customers are able to request for loans using their preferred mediums. For Micro-finance institutions, rural communities will be able to utilize offline capabilities which will allow for staff to enable loan origination process without prior access to the internet.

LoansPLUS+ Advanced Management and Originations Solution Benefits

Application modules are cloud-enabled and delivered in a SaaS model - which reduces cost for the financial institution versus traditional on-site installations, and covers all critical processes involved in the loans system.

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10 Steps of the Originations Process

Process visualization of how loans originations is processed

New Application is Created

A new loan application is received in Close Orgination from a web, mobile or any front office application. This can be done via a web service or HDN interfaces so intermediaries, dealers and retail partners can all servi their customers in this process.

Internal sources are consulted.

Loan application is enriched with data from internal sources to execute the necessary verifications. These are for example the clients' CRM systems, administration systems of intermediaries and dealers, and employee administration systems. Besides that, an AFM-register on the intermediary licenses is performed.

Pre-score is calculated.

In this optional step, a preliminary score is provided based on the evaluation of information from the first 2 steps.

Consulting external sources.

Loan application is enriched with data from external sources among which BKR, EVA, and Focum for the purpose pf compliance, fraud prevention and creditworthiness evaluation. Additional sources can easily be added to the process.

Automatic assessment.

The application is assessed based on the information retrieved from the previous steps. Maximum loan capacity, credit restrictions such as the monthly instalment, (theoretical) duration of the loan, credit rating and the interest rate (basd on JKP and nominal rate) are automatically calculated. In addition, a credit risk profile can be determined and taken into account when evaluating.

Manual assessment

Complex loan applications may be processed manually by the underwriter, thus the system also enables traditional underwriting processing, but in a very efficient way.

Proposal is created.

THe proposal, including the corresponding stipulations list and the validity of the offer/contract is generated.

Evaluation of stipulations

Stipulations such as ID, proof of Income, bank statement, proof of living costs, etc. are processed and tested on fraud and consistency. After all information from the application, external sources and the supporting documents have been verified, the final assessment takes place.

Loan disbursement.

Disbursements and possible prepayments of existing loans are administered and checked by means of the mandatory four-eyes-principle. Hereafter, the sign off is given.

New contract is sent to back-office

Data for contract administration is collected and the whole client file is forwarded to the back-office application. Optionally, a welcome letter can be forwarded to the applicant(s) and/or the intermediary.

Features of LoansPLUS+

The Platform

Service-based and Cloud Enabled

LoanPLUS+ modules are fully cloud-enabled and will be delivered in SaaS model. This offers significiant benefits to cost, scalability and availability level - 24/7. At the same time, this ensures that the internal serving activities of our clients are reduced to a minimum.

Supports Multi Credit Providers

All LoanPLUS+ modules support a multi-label design, which makes it particularly suitable for service providers and lenders who service many different client brands.

High-level Security

AWS providers high-level security measures including client data encryption. Consequently, these measures are applied to the systems and applications hosted in the cloud. All security requirements with regards to legal measures are 100% respected. Changes applied to LoansPLUS+ modules are fully documented or transparency.

Configurable Solution

Any module of LoansPLUS+ is designed to be highly configurable in order to satisfy clients’ demands and needs. This ensures that each implementation is configured with minimal costs and smoothly fits the specific situation. If needed, charges can be made during and after implementation.

Easy Integration

All modules are integrated easily with IT infrastructures including third-party solutions..

Easy Integration

All modules are integrated easily with IT infrastructures including third-party solutions..


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