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Loans Suite

Loan management never been this easy

Enabling lending with the use of technologies to maximize value for our clients. Loans suite is built with flexible structure to support complex and highly regulated products and processes as well as more straight forward lending products.

About Loans Suite

Loan Management Suite & Loan Origination Suite

Loans Suite Concept

Loans Suite Lending Process

Origination covers the full origination process from new application to new contract with the option implement traditional manual decisioning in a very efficient way or highly advance full automated decisioning or any balanced choice to combine best of both worlds.


This module offers applicants the opportunity to apply for a loan and get within 1 minute an instant answer – loan proposal or rejection – 24 by 7. Stipulations will be processed preferably fully automated using the advanced DocStreet component to reduce throughput time, increase conversion rates and minimize any fraud risk.

Origination features

  • Multi-channel which includes branch, agent, mobile apps, Internet and other third-party platforms.
  • Multi-product covers everything mortgage, consumer loans, revolving loans, SME loans and Micro credit.
  • Calculation can be based on multiple regulatory or lender specific standards.
  • Easy integration with external sources like Credit Bureaus such as CIBI, CRIF, TransUnion, dun and bradstreet and many more.
  • Credit scoring and risk-based pricing.
  • Automated Document Validation.
  • Enables 24/7 availability.
  • STP scoring result within one minute.
  • Automated document processing for super process.
  • Advance fraud prevention options.

Origination Offers

  • A Highly configurable and adjustable degree of process automations.
  • Support in any stage of the loan origination process, including features like credit scoring risk based pricing, manual or disbursements, and an increasing number of external data sources to create a solid base for responsible and reliable decisioning without manual effort.
  • Easy integration wtih existing applications by using a standardized web services API.
  • The handling of different types of loans, including revolving credits and instalment loans, secured and unsecured.
  • High reliable, scalable and secure solution, tu spport the unpredictable fluctuations in workload.
  • Multi label & channel support, including direct-to-consumer channel, brokers channel, e-commerce and the automotive channel.

Main Elements of the Origination Module

  • Generic, re-usable calculations of max loan, DTI, LTV, annuity, etc.
  • Anti-Fraud checks.
  • Checking internal sources such as customer databases, existing legacy systems, black lists etc.
  • Checking external sources such as local credit bureaus, government databases, PSD2, etc.
  • Use of own or third-party score cards.
  • Business rule validation (using a highly configurable rule engine) for credit acceptance.
  • Manual overruling.
  • Separation of duties, 4 eyes principle audit trail.
  • Generation of the offer.
  • Outgoing payments to end-customers, notaries, other banks, insurance companies etc.

Loans Suite 10-Step Process

Press arrow keys or swipe to scroll through the process.

Credit Manager Module

In Geniusto Credit Manager, all special servicing and legal processes for defaulting mortgages are managed automatically, including automated communication with the customer and other interested parties (such as lawyers, judicial authorities and notaries).


In addition, Credit Manager can be flexibly adapted to internal process changes and / or external legal changes because of the extensive set of parameters in the configuration of the actions and procedures.


  • Supports retrieval of backlog data from the current loan administration
  • Supports the configuration of (sub-) treatment plans
  • Supports the implementation (incl. change) of (sub-) treatment plans according to the implemented configuration
  • Supports the management of customer data and customer communication Supports the consultation of external sources (if necessary)
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