Meet the bright new Geniusto.

An innovative brand for the future of digital banking.

For 20 years we’ve helped our clients put more brains behind their digital banking solutions with our powerful [GO] Suite technology. From enabling payment orchestration to digital money management, we make it possible to do more with your digital banking. This will never change.

To accelerate the pace of change, we’ve supercharged our brand. Now is the right time to put more brains behind the Geniusto team. Our new visual identity, voice, and website align with the people and their innovation. We’re amplifying our core values into the new brand and the future.

We’ve evolved and we’re ready to launch.


our identity.

As we enter into a more ambitious leadership era, we’re bringing new life to our core values of innovation, security, and accessibility. Igniting disruptive change means bringing the latest technological advances the the table. So we started with our own brand bringing a new visual identity suite to create a powerful user experience.


our story.

Banking technology is inherently complex and untangling the complexity is part of our new brand mandate. We embarked on this journey to bring simplicity to the world of digital banking. By using precise, sharp communication, we’re poised to get more people excited about the future of digital banking.


our website.

In order to share the power of the digital banking future, a new website was essential. Our new digital platform was designed to mirror the intuitive end-user experience for digital banking customers. With a human-centred designed and seamless navigation, we’re dialling up the digital experience.

We’ve built the digital economy management suite of the future.