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PHL e-commerce market projected at $5–6 billion in five years — EY

Original post by Jenina P. Ibañez as featured in Business World. THE E-COMMERCE MARKET is projected to grow to $5–6 billion within five years from the $1 billion in 2019, after having gained momentum during the current pandemic, a partner with Ernst & Young (EY) Singapore said. Olivier Gergele said in a webinar with the Philippine […]

Morning Brief 4.3.20: U.S. Goes Digital for Coronavirus Stimulus Payments

Original post by John Adams, Kate Fitzgerald as featured in PaymentsSource. The information you need to start your day, from PaymentsSource and around the web: Not in the mail The U.S. government will deliver stimulus funds to individuals within two weeks, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said during a Thursday White House briefing. The Treasury will […]

It’s Time to Get Contactless Transactions in Your Business Strategy

Cash has been king for the longest time now, the means of payments that people are used to. Paper currency transactions is the norm in most countries. However, the “cashless revolution” has been going in a number of countries since 2016 and has started to become a new norm. Data from 2016 shows that the adoption of a cashless […]

Open Banking, APIs, And PSD2 Explained | Treasury Services Innovation | J.P. Morgan

Original Post by JP Morgan, as featured in JP Morgan’s Youtube Channel. Emerging technologies, such as blockchain, API, machine learning, are transforming treasury services. In the following video series, J.P. Morgan innovation leaders demystify these technologies, discuss real-world treasury services use cases, and identify how corporate treasurers can get started experimenting with these technologies today. […]

South Korea is Quarantining and Burning Cash to Prevent Spreading the Coronavirus

Original Post by Daniel Keyes, as featured in Business Insider. The Bank of Korea (BOK), South Korea’s central bank, is now keeping all cash it receives from local banks in a safe for two weeks because the corona virus generally dies out during that time, according to Reuters.​ The country is also reportedly tightening its […]
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