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ePera application claims the title of Fintech Future.

Original post by Jacek Uryniuk as featured in Fintech Future is one of four categories of annual fintech awards.  ePera is a special purpose vehicle founded in Singapore by the developers of the Haiz application that Aliora once offered . After the founder and long-term president Wojciech Sobieraj left this bank, in 2018 […]

Covid Cashless

The Coronavirus that has been sweeping the world has also hit the Philippines hard. From 12th March to 15th June, cases increased tenfold and the number of deaths doubled. Throughout the world, people are self-isolating, keeping social distance and concentrating on hygiene. With the present global death rate exceeding 430 K the pandemic is a […]

Revitalizing Banking & Customer Engagement in the Age of the New Normal

Events in the banking industry worldwide has shown that there is a strong demand for digital and contactless banking in the age of the new normal In the Philippines, a leading digital bank noted that there has been a 160 increase in daily sign ups on its online banking and mobile banking platform from the […]

EU regulators seek feedback ahead of new tough tech rules

Original post by Foo Yun Chee as featured in BRUSSELS (Reuters) – EU regulators are seeking feedback from users and digital service providers before drafting rules that could rein in Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber and other tech companies, an EU document seen by Reuters showed. A 43-page questionnaire to be sent to members of the […]
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