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Omni-Channel Banking

Banking, Mobility, Security, Convenience and Technology combined.

Geniusto offers a wide range of innovating technology and products that benefits our clients in the financial sector, in all level of aspects. From an interactive mobile app platform that enables eKYC, social banking , intenet banking and even virtual banking. All of these without compromising your security and privacy.

About Omni-Channel Banking

Digital Mobile Banking


Geniusto very own mobile app is the next level of mobile technology, based on a modular, omni-channel architectural platform, providing major benefits over existing traditionally developed mobile apps.


Mobile App will utilize a mobile platform which has the following advantages:

  • Native applications (native look and feel). Applications enjoy all the advantages of native platforms including performance, native UI controls and patterns, latest technologies, such as fingerprint scanning, beacons, 3D touch and wearables.
  • Platform-independent business logic layer. The layer considerably speeds up development for multiple platforms (the layer provides native C libraries for iOS, Android NDK libraries for Android), reduces development costs (since the business logic needs to be developed only once), simplifies QA and reduces time to market.
  • Configurability (on-the-fly app changes via the server-side Content Management System (CMS), no need to rebuild and resubmit the app to vendor app stores). There are several ways to get the desired level of configurability:
    • The application navigation structure is very flexible because the navigation stack can be controlled by menus specified in server configuration.
    • Info pages whose content can be managed through the Geniusto CMS.
    • a very powerful document forms concept. Documents are native application forms with many different ways to control form look, UI controls and form flow.
    • The application screens can embed portions of HTML code.
  • The platform uses industry-standard J2EE application server which can be scaled to desired user and transaction volumes.
  • The platform supports clustered environment for additional performance and reliable processing.
  • The system is currently used by financial institutions who require the highest levels of industry security standards (more on security below).

Key Benefits:


  • Customer On-boarding and eKYC in the digital channel – (address shortage of branches)
  • Easy to deploy Omni-Channel ebanking products and services for new Revenue Generation
  • Stay connected offline with eBanking Platform as a Service
  • Workflow Processes designed to suit strict regulations and avoid Fraud
  • Security with high standard protocols and Compliance
  • Automation of banking processes in the mobile channel for efficiency
  • Pay as you grow Shared Services model in the cloud.  (or on premise)
  • Embrace legacy with HUB Integration layer and start your Digital Transformation with a quick win approach
  • Partnership model providing support for the bank from consultancy, implementation and service
  • Provides bank with quick win approach to digital banking with minimal investment
  • Easy to deploy e-banking products and services for new Revenue Generation
  • Future proofs banks digital transformation and solves immediate problems
  • Creates multiple new revenue streams for Bank controlled by the Bank
  • All-in-one solution of a mobile, internet banking  platform for both retail and corporates. (normally offered as separate platforms altogether
  • Automation of banking processes in the mobile channel for efficiency
  • Differentiates from bricks and mortar banks and reduces costs for establishment
  • Integration with existing legacy systems
  • Dynamic QR Code Interoperability
  • Connected to the customers 24/7 anytime anywhere
  • Effective digital marketing for new sales generation
  • Mobile Banking is necessary where branches penetration is low
  • Security with high standard protocols and Compliance

Mobile app functionality


The main mobile app functionality is enabled using a transactions mechanism, reference tables and server settings. The mobile app displays the functionality set on the server using the bank’s design and colours, maintaining the advantages of the native app.

Online Banking


Extensive functionality for Retail , Business Functionality


Standard Functionality:

  • Access Bank Account(s)
  • Transaction Notifications
  • Check Balance
  • Receive statement
  • Conduct bank transactions
  • PSD2 ready, additional capabilities
  • SCA and X2A are supported
  • Signer (A mobile device-based solution for logging for transaction signing)
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Income and expenses labeling
  • Visual Analysis

E- Banking


Extensive functionality for Retail and Business banking (2)


Supports different type of businesses by look and feel and workflow:

  • Corporate
  • SME
  • Self Employed


Supports different workflow per customer:

  • Rules based document input & authorization
  • Multiple tokens
  • Group authorizations
  • Notifications
  • Supports Invoicing
  • Direct link with corporate General Ledger
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