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Our Company

Our Company

An Australian Public Company founded by the elite group of influential people in Business Finance and Technology Industry.


The company name itself tells exactly who we are and what we do best.


gen·ius (genius)        tech·nol·o·gy (to)
ˈjēnyəs/                      tekˈnäləjē/
exceptionally            equipment developed from the 
intelligent or             application of scientific knowledge
[SMART]                   [TECHNOLOGY]


We are experts in providing our clients and their customers innovating technologies and products that impacts the following sector of Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Aged Care and Hospitality sectors.


We develop and implement smart technologies to tackle even the most complex enterprise wide system our client has. In parallel, Geniusto is committed in providing world-class customer service that encompasses the end-to-end project delivery, and even post-sales support.