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Our Team

Shane Hermans

Founder, CEO & Managing Director

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Jimmy Yong

Co-Founder & International Business Development Director
B.Bus, FCPA, FPS, Dip.FP, CFP.

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Teddy Theanne

Co-Founder, CIO & InfoSec Director

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Tony Chong

Advisory Board

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Bobby Roa

Chief Technology Officer

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Roger Kwok


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Our People

We employ highly effective, managed teams of outstanding, certified experts specializing in modern IT technologies. Our people come with a high technical education level and rich industry experience.

We employ over 400 elite and cohesive IT Specialists, 90% of our employees are certified with Master’s Degree and PhD. Young, dynamic and well diverse workforce with an averaging age of 28 years.

Well Educated

High technical education level and rich industry experience


Average employment time is four years, attrition below 10%


Quick team extension in case of peak demands, short notice period

The Way We Work

  • Agile based (SCRUM), highly iterative process with quality-first approach – every iteration delivers release-ready software
  • TDD and Test Automation throughout all phases (unit, component, integration)
  • DevOps mindset with Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration approach
  • Automating every possible step of SDLC (integration, testing, deployment)
  • Everyday team cooperation and people interactions (daily standups, planning sessions, workshops, retrospectives), “keep them crowded” policy.