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Global Payment Gateway Technologies

Geniusto’s payments and settlement solutions allows you to meet the stringent demands of customers and regulators for a payment and settlements including AML KYC and PSD2 readiness. With low operating costs and low exception processing, our next-generation product provides your organization with the most secure and reliable way of handling payments and settlements. Through solution, banks can have a centralized payments infrastructure that allows the bank to process and manage transactions regardless of originating channel and is autonomous from the back-office silo and from the target clearing/settlement system.

Our solution provides your financial institution to extend the range of services being offered to customers, thereby increasing or adding a new revenue streams. It’s simplicity, flexibility and integratability mean that it can integrate tens of thousands of payments partners worldwide, interfaces with banking systems (backoffice, card switches, payment networks) or any payment system in the market today while reducing your transaction costs. This means that adapters for local clearing systems can be developed and deployed quickly in cost-effective manner for your institution.

Value for Your Business

The solution supports utility payments, recurring payment, direct debits peer-to-peer payments, provides intelligent payment routing, allows for multiple methods of transaction notification to clients and many more. It also provides different schemes of support for payments, does automated payments and has a built-in operational reporting system, among others.

The payment solution we offer can also do intelligent payments routing and can process a large quantity of payments, operations and services. It also has Nostro Management

Integration Made Easy

Our payments and settlement solutions have proven track records for easy integration with over 22 international payment networks and international card switches, so integrating with country-specific payment switches will not be a problem for us. The solution can also be integrated with back-office systems through our APIs.

Payment Gateway<

Processing of large quantities of payments, operations and services

Reduction of number of mistakes, caused by manual processing

Automated collection of commissions on payments and services

Extension of the bank’s range of services, making it possible to run

Complex settlement schemes and commission types

Automation of processing of deal settlements

Simplicity and flexibility of integration with other systems

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