Our Platforms

Transforming Financial Institutions, embracing corebanking and legacy systems to reach new revenue potential with innovative digital banking technology that is necessary to remain on the leading edge of smart-connected evolution.

Next Generation in Banking

Omni-Channel Banking Platform

Mobile and Internet Banking aimed to help rural banks and end-users while keeping things simple, speedy, and secure.

HR and Payroll Platform

The most innovative HR and Payroll Platform to date. Built by payroll experts to enable your HR system effectively - without being too overly complicated.

Social Banking Platform

Social Banking is more than just payments and transactions, it's an ecosystem putting different community/groups at the center.

Loans Management Platform

Easy, accurate, affordable, end-to-end online lending software system

Corebanking Platform

Our API-driven alternative to traditional business process management systems. This platform is specifically designed to support the creation and operation of modern banking architectures, delivered as a service.

Omni-Channel Banking

Mobile and Internet Banking aimed to help rural banks and end-users while keeping things simple, speedy, and secure.

The Omni-Channel Banking Platform takes into account key deployment strategies for banks and its customers. The Omni-Channel Banking Platform consists of a Mobile and Web Application sitting on top of a powerful hub technology which is able to interact with legacy bank systems and different service providers. The platform and the hub technology is managed effectively with a powerful administrator back-end, which allows banks to create coordinated settings for the applications and utilize marketing capabilities offered by the Omni-Channel Banking platform.

Financial Technology for Rural Banks

On Financial Technology for Rural Banks Geniusto's Omni-Channel Banking Platform is a tool created to support Rural and Thrift Banks. This will help them to evolve, penetrate and expand further via the digital channel, towards financial inclusion and education in the rural communities. The application is tailored with a native look and feel, for ease-of-use for the customers, as well as enabling bank staff to conduct business effectively and efficiently.

Digital Transformation Management

Geniusto is able to achieve quick and secure integration, not just with our tools, but also with our methodology. Utilizing an effective and proven digital transformation process used in several European banks, we are able to help banks scale up their business and introduce new revenue streams. Plug-and-play with other bank requirements such as corebanking, providers, and businesses. Dynamic process automation via conditions to speed up decision making. Digitally engaging marketing via big data. Lastly, security utilizing cloud infrastructure compliant with data regulations and the central bank.

HR and Payroll Platform

The best HR and Payroll Platform to date. Built by payroll experts to enable your HR system effectively - without being too overly complicated.

Our HR and Payroll Platform is a flexible and powerful platform which enables three key process clusters: time and attendance, HR system, and payroll processing. Time and attendance solution introduces your organisation to a modern timekeeping device which takes advantage of cloud technology to synchronize log in/out with our HR system. Our HR system on the other hand is highly configurable to your business and industry. Different modules allow you to set leaves, payroll groups, scheduling, approval conditions, etc., which in turn synchronizes with the cloud, with viewable real-time by your employees via web or mobile application. Our Payroll Processing Services is smart enough to deliver ongoing payroll tax reforms, computation of salaries, generation of payslips, preparations for government reports, calculations for night differentials, holiday and overtime pay, and statutory deduction computations.

Built with Real Timekeeping Solution

Our timekeeping device ensures that your data is centralized nationwide. With offline capabilities, you are able to capture timekeeping data for workers at the office or on the go. Workers are able to clock in and out through through Biometric Fingerprint Reader or NFC Scanner.

Integration with Other Platforms

Our platform provides an end-to-end cloud-based payroll management system that helps you to manage unlimited schedules and accommodate leave requests. As a result, you are able to deliver timely and accurate payroll whilst enjoying a smooth and efficient payroll process.

Social Banking

Social Banking is more than just payments and transactions - it's an ecosystem putting different community/groups at the center.

ePera is a Social Banking Platform aimed to create a true B2B2C ecosystem connecting communities to banks and businesses. It is a flexible and powerful platform for service providers, banks, merchants, customers, and suppliers to connect to and integrate with various eCommerce stakeholders nationally and globally. The marketplace is an integrated mobile and e-commerce module where goods are presented to clients. Each user of ePera has the capability to make purchases, and have direct access to several offers and discounts from different market segments.

Nurturing Digital Ecosystems

ePera allows for local communities to thrive thru transactions with banks, financial institutions, businesses, and other communities. Microfinance Institutions, for example, are able to distribute loans to local farmers and are able to track and manage risks on money distributed. Local farmers are able to rent assets to other communities utilizing asset ROI.

Powered by Blockchain Technology

ePera is enabled with blockchain technology ensuring that transactions are not tampered with. Points are also earned with every transaction conducted by the users. These points can be used to purchase products/services within the marketplace managed by business partners. Users are able to access different advisors such as banks and insurance. These as a result, create the Social Selling Ecosystem.

Loans Management Platform​

Easy, accurate, affordable, end-to-end online lending software system

The Loans Management Platform enables four clusters of process groups undertaken by customers and business upon conducting a loan: origination, servicing, management, and reporting. As a result, we ensure your business with a correct fit which will increase employee productivity,  meet regulatory compliance requirements, and provide consolidated business reports. In addition the platform will flag incremental income opportunities to up-sell or cross sell additional products to high potential customers.

Process Automation in its Purest Form

Our servicing software system includes predictive triggers that alert you about potential bad debt, allowing you to control losses by fine tuning pricing or even closing an account. Plus there’s the added benefit of consolidated data across all your customers’ loan products, which allows you to identify up-sell and cross sell opportunities. And your marketing team can profile your best customers to improve on future marketing efforts. Our advanced profiling combined with consolidated reporting makes it easier to quantify and then optimize customer lifetime value.

Integration with Other Platforms

The Loans Management Platform allows for integration with our Omni-Channel and Social Banking Platforms to fully take advantage of other digital streams. Alternatively, we are able to integrate with your system and applications via APIs. This way your customers are able to request for loans using their preferred mediums. For Micro-finance institutions, rural communities will be able to utilize offline capabilities which will allow for staff to enable loan origination process without prior access to the internet.
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