Our Services

As a technology enabler, we provide end-to-end services from the initial qualification process to actual product delivery and post implementation support.

Value Added Services

IT Governance and GDPR

Our knowledge and expertise can walk you through managing your IT side of business while being compliant with General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR). Being compliant to GDPR builds trust and confidence among your customers. It also leverages data security and reduces data maintenance costs. Value-Adding Services

Cyber Security

We enable you organization with heuristic and behavioral analysis to monitor the behavior occurring with your program. Armed with the latest tools, we are able to defend your IT system from internal and external threats, such as fraud, viruses, hacks, and etc.


Geniusto software offers regulated organizations everything they need to fulfill their KYC, AML and CFT due diligence. We consolidate and provide integration on the blockchain to third-party information about your clients from many sources. Search and access all the information you need access to private and public client information.

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