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As a technology enabler, we provide end-to-end services from the initial qualification process to actual product delivery and post implementation support.

Value-Added Services

Geniusto is a premiere technology solutions company that provides next-gen financial software solutions and services to more than 25 countries. Working closely with local and global partners ensures that our solutions and services accelerate digital transformation, financial inclusion, financial education and economic growth.

Fraud & Improper Payments

The revolutionary, embedded A1 techniques and next generation analytics of our software improves the anticipation, protection and prevention of fraud.

AML & CFT Compliance

AML & CFT services tailored to grow with the increasing compliance of global regulators and central banks, giving added peace of mind to financial institutions.

Consulting as a Service

Build-up core organizational technical competencies at a lower cost via remote advisory but still retaining the effectiveness of an onsite consultancy

Fraud & Improper Payments

Anticipate, protect and prevent using modern analytics and embedded artificial intelligence (AI) techniques

Safeguard your organization’s reputation and your bottom line. Stop improper payments associated with fraud, waste and abuse before they occur. Get early warning of emerging threats. And keep costs in check. Geniusto in collaboration with SAS adds an essential layer of security intelligence protection to your e-banking solutions so you can

Detect fraud, waste and abuse with accuracy and precision

We take a hybrid approach to surveillance, combining advanced analytics, AI, and supervised and unsupervised machine learning with traditional detection methods to uncover suspicious events. Our approach includes the latest advances in graph analytics, social network analysis, anomaly detection and text analytics, providing you with the most effective surveillance scheme.

Quickly uncover and adapt to new, complex fraud schemes.

AI techniques, including adaptive machine learning methods and unsupervised intelligent agents, identify emerging threats and automatically suggest new rules and scenarios in real time, further reducing your risk from exposure to fraud, waste and abuse.

Gain a realistic, holistic view of your fraud risk

We give you an integrated view across all channels and portfolios. Smart case management, entity link analysis, AI and machine learning methods, such as outlier detection, reveal hidden relationships and suspicious associations among your customers, accounts and other entities across all lines of business.


AML & CFT Compliance​

Streamline workflows for AML & CFT to meet increasing global demands​

Our CML & AFT services and intelligence solutions makes BSFIs compliant with ever-changing regulations of central banks around the world.

Meet regulatory mandates for greater transparency in less time, at less cost.

Detect suspicious activities faster & rapidly visualize and simulate multiple scenarios

Spend less time on false positives and more time on strategic goals.

Strengthen your model governance processes.

Accurate, reliable intelligence. Direct, track and audit information as it moves through your systems

Quickly assess security threats and evaluate future risks using advanced analytics and data visualization

Stop crime through preventive policing. Do more targeted, productive investigations using simulations and advance analytics

Better manage borders through a big-picture view of legitimate versus illegitimate cross-border transactions

Detect suspicious network activity missed by your existing security intelligence investments.

Deepen your network visibility as your network grows with evaluative analytics that scales with your networks

Increase the efficiency of your security operations center with accurate, prioritized warnings of suspicious activity

Consulting as a Service​.

One of the key areas in which our CaaS clients look to us for help is technology enablement – the delivery and implementation of projects and the management from expression of interest through to go live.

Ultimately as technology enabler the markets change, and businesses adapt, Our team of experts specialise in consulting services that are delivered with the most innovative methods that drive success. Geniusto consulting services can be billed by the hour or day and even fixed-price proposals based on a number of days. We deeply believe that Geniusto is very well prepared to implement digital banking projects due to:

Access to the best experts with domain knowledge, extensive experience and all the necessary competences for the implementation of advisory projects

Knowledge and experience in customer service and digital channels projects acquired in projects implementing Internet banking, mobile banking and virtual branch banking for various of banks all over the world

Unique portfolio of own products including mobile & Internet banking platforms with innovative features like biometry, voice commands enriched with solutions such as marketing automation or virtual branch banking (LiveBank) with support for online customers acquisition and on-boarding processes (also TV banking).

Proven, safe and reliable solutions that support millions of customers all over the world

Vast experience in integrating different 3rd party banking platforms

Experience in designing smooth customer digital journeys using intuitive UX/UI

Experience in delivering projects for different organisations all over the world with tested project management methodology and knowledge sharing

Proven, iterative project implementation process with fast feedback loops and quality management mechanisms for all phases of the project in accordance with international quality standards defined for this type of projects.

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