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Social Banking

Social Banking is more than just transfers, its about community

Social banking service will enable banks to bring their users online encouraging and incentivizing them to interact with financial institution’s products and services. This will be mutually beneficial for both the business and the consumer.


One of the key aspects of the ePERA social banking is non-financial products. Banks will be able to discover new revenue channels through sale of non-financial products while customers will find more value and convenience in their relationship with the financial institution.

About Social Banking (ePera)

ePera allows for easy settlements, as well as quick payments and purchases, while ensuring the security and safety of your money. Keep in touch with your friends and finances! Use direct access to your money and the chat. Finally, you can quickly and easily transfer money, pay for your shopping using a smartphone and do much more!


ePera is a way to be secure and a quick way to transfer money


ePera is a banking application, which means that your account is secured by a password and performing any operation concerning your money requires confirmation using a special PIN code, set by you. Additionally,  you can send transfers and messages in the same place. Both the messages and the transfers will get to you or your friends immediately.



ePera is a way to pay with your phone and shop


By digitising yoru payment card in your phone, you can pay with it anywhere and forget about big and clunky wallets. Also, there is a dedicated panel, where you will find the best offers for interesting products – coupons, attractive discounts and free vouchers.


ePera is a way to save money


Make the decision to save money easily. You can save money immediately by opening a n account and transferring your money directly in the application. The amount saved and the history of transfers can be checked at anytime

ePera is a way to conduct banking


You can have your personal ePera Advisor at your disposal and you can contact them anywhere and at any time, without having to look for an e-mail address or a phone number, since you can reach them using your application.



ePera is a way to control your expenses


Everything is in one place – your balance, history of transfers and payments, account and card management and more. You can set new limits without logging in to the on-line banking website or visiting the bank.



ePera is a way to learn while playing


ePera is an alternative to a traditional money box. It is able to identity the coins put in it and show the saved money amount on the display. Thanks to connecting it with your smartphone, you can check your savings anytime.

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