Social Banking

Social Banking is more than just payments and transactions - it’s an
ecosystem putting different communbity/groups at the center.

ePera is a Social Banking Platform aimed to create a true B2B2C ecosystem connecting communities to banks and businesses. It is a flexible and powerful platform for service providers, banks, merchants, customers, and suppliers to connect to and integrate with various eCommerce stakeholders nationally and globally. The marketplace is an integrated mobile and e-commerce module where goods are presented to clients. Each user of ePera has the capability to make purchases, and have direct access to several offers and discounts from different market segments.

Nurturing Digital Ecosystems

ePera allows for local communities to thrive thru transactions with banks, financial institutions, businesses, and other communities. Microfinance Institutions, for example, are able to distribute loans to local farmers and are able to track and manage risks on money distributed. Local farmers are able to rent assets to other communities utilizing asset ROI.

Powered by Blockchain Technology

ePera is enabled with blockchain technology ensuring that transactions are not tampered with. Points are also earned with every transaction conducted by the users. These points can be used to purchase products/services within the marketplace managed by business partners. Users are able to access different advisors such as banks and insurance. These as a result, create the Social Selling Ecosystem.

Social Banking
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