The Rise of QR payments in Europe

The Rise of QR payments in Europe
June 1, 2022 | By Geniusto

The payment solution driving change in public transport ticketing.

In cities all over the world, tens of millions of people daily rely on trains, buses, trams and ferries to get them to their destinations, ideally in the shortest time and easiest manner possible. While technology and public transport have long been cousins, in our increasingly cashless society the digital call is louder than ever. And in a special project together with Transact Pro, Geniusto was able to answer that call loudly and successfully.

Founded in 2004, Transact Pro (a US bank Transact Bank N.A. affiliated company in the E.U.) is the first licensed electronic money institution in Latvia. It is a Bank Card Acquirer and Issuer, and a principal member of Visa and Mastercard. Transact Pro operates through its own Payment Processing center, proprietary PCI DSS Level 1 certified Payment Gateway and focuses on providing “out of the box” modern payment and card solutions, including those API driven.

With its technology already at the heart of Transact Pro’s operations, Geniusto was on hand to deliver the perfect development solution approach for a city of public transport users, redefining the convenience and practicality of an entire system – safely and securely.

Transact Pro won the tender and signed the cooperation agreement with Riga’s municipal public transportation and infrastructure company. Recognising that users of public transport demand speed and efficiency in their daily transactions, Transact Pro teamed up with Geniusto, to implement a QR code based, transport tickets purchase program offering fast, convenient travel thanks to the new user-friendly and highly secure payment system.

Through the Transact Pro app, customers can securely purchase – anywhere and at any time of the night or day – bus, tram or trolleybus code tickets for journeys around the Latvian capital, Riga. Once the digital transaction is made, all passenger needs do is activate the ticket when boarding by using their Transact Pro App in their phone to scan the QR code located on a sticker on the inside or outside of the vehicle.

This system makes the whole process highly efficient for the operator as there is no need to deploy any hardware in the vehicles such as scanners or RF readers. This keeps costs down and removes a potential point of failure. The simple scan of a QR code using the Transact Pro App is all that is required to validate the ticket.

Transact Pro transport tickets are purchased in advance from the convenience of the mobile device and in the future will also be shareable to family members and co-workers providing convenience for families and business owners to monitor transport expenses and ensure that tickets are always available when needed.

Transact Pro CEO Maxim Yaroshewsky says: “We are excited to see concrete results from our choice of Geniusto as a Core Ledger System provider. The project with a QR ticket system for Rigas Satiksme has demonstrated the Geniusto platform capability to evolve our payment processing infrastructure into a modern, scalable platform that improves the end-user experience.

” Geniusto CEO Matthew Edmunds expressed his delight at being able to supply a mobile banking payment solution that helps so many people and illustrates perfectly how Geniusto’s core solutions are nimble and adaptable into almost any business scenario.

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