Unlock new possibilities for your regulated financial institution with the [GO] Suite

Unlock new possibilities for your regulated financial institution with the [GO] Suite
May 15, 2024 | By Geniusto

Whether you are a new entrant to the world of international money or a traditional family domestic bank with a one hundred and fifty-year history; There has never been a more challenging, or a more dynamic time to offer transactional banking services.

The new ‘digital economy’ has firmly arrived and thinking about, and planning your ‘digital transformation’ strategy is no longer an option. The time to act is now in order to meet the demands of the new digital savvy customer.

Geniusto’s [GO] Suite – is a sophisticated, robust, mature, and flexible suite of highly configurable enterprise-grade software tools designed to empower your regulated institution with everything you need to meet the challenge head-on.

The [GO] Suite provides a comprehensive range of solutions:

[GO] Core Banking: A powerful, full-featured, mature, multi-tenant digital banking platform for processing accounts, cards, payments, and settlements. This system is built from the ground up for flexible configuration, automated compliance, CRM, and real-time insights, applicable across multiple entities and jurisdictions.

[GO] Payments: An all-in-one, low-code, powerful payment orchestration solution supporting multiple channels, covering all major payment instruments, and providing essential payment settlement functionality. It supports diverse payment types from various channels on a single platform with seamless processing, including instant payments, utility payments, group payments, and cross-border payments.

[GO] Onboarding: A smooth, fast, efficient, and secure registration process for retail and business customers, featuring next-gen onboarding solutions to prevent abandonment, lost revenue, and poor user experience. Onboard customers in minutes with robust case management capabilities, process automation, and compliance with regulatory mandates, offering endless integration possibilities.

[GO] Omni-channel: A highly customisable, multi-experience digital banking solution enabling financial institutions to digitise their business with ready-to-go mobile apps and internet banking. This solution, with its multi-layered architecture, allows for configuring most functionalities without development and can be deployed on top of any core banking system.

[GO] Multi-Tenant: Offer Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) through a unified platform and launch your own ‘Embedded Finance’ offering for rapid distribution of your products and services.

[GO] Multi-Entity: Manage multiple legal entities across various jurisdictions, eliminating the need for deploying separate systems for each entity, and enabling seamless operations on a single platform.

With a mission to revolutionise the financial technology sector, Geniusto provides innovative solutions that simplify and enhance digital banking and payments, making them accessible for financial institutions of all sizes across the globe.

Let’s [GO]!

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