Here’s how the the best and brightest use Geniusto.

As industry leaders in digital banking technology, we have helped clients globally connect and share technology with their customers for better banking. Our intuitive suite of products has helped streamline transport, payment orchestration, and so much more. See how our clients have embraced Geniusto in their local communities and around the world.


Tickets to ride for 1M Latvians in Riga…


Distributed, device-led transport ticketing for the entire city of Riga was the core outcome. Geniusto also integrated multiple transport modes (such as buses, mini-buses and trains) and social benefit card functionalities into the TransactPro app. 

Future-facing features like digital ticket-sharing, timetable and pickup time insights, automatic account debits without e-wallet, and even setting up IBAN accounts in-app all emerged from the project—and 1M Latvians now power their own journeys.


When the government of Riga—Latvia’s capital and largest city—needed to bring its public transport ticketing system into the digital age, it called on Geniusto to put the power in purchasers’ hands.


An Amaiz-ing bank from a box


The founders of Amaiz—an e-money institution based in the UK—needed a complete solution with out-of-the-box functionality, speed-to-market delivery, product-to-market delivery and reduced cost to income ratios.


Using Geniusto [GO] Suite, Amaiz launched with a scalable, fast, secure and reliable business banking platform active globally. [GO] Suite has given Amaiz the capability to automate virtual banking services for customers on a 24/7 basis.


Full Independence in a Single Shared Digital Platform


A leading UK payments company deployed a multi-tenant solution for their downstream customers. This is a ground-breaking achievement for both parties. Now they can monetise new revenue streams by subleasing their EMI license to smaller clients. Geniusto is proud to expand payment technologies with its multi-tenant payment solutions.


A multi-tenant solution bridges the gap between businesses and customers by connecting multiple businesses and their respective customers to operate under a single cloud platform. Opening digital doorways, Genuisto is transcending borders with access to multiple currencies using API integration and solutions like forex and remittance. Within the [GO] Suite clients can manage their customers in the same open architecture platform. There are endless opportunities when using a multi-tenant solution to bring the online financial space into the future.