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Think Global Act Local

Our strategy combines working closely with local and global partners to provide solutions for accelerated digital transformation, financial inclusion, financial education and economic growth.

Social Banking Financial Technology

We Create a Unique Social Banking Solution

Enabling Financial Institutions and Service Providers to connect to communities in a collaborative network, both Physical and Digital which we refer to as a Phygital Ecosystem.

Process Automation Financial Technology

We Help Evolve Your Organization

Through process automation, AI, big data, and machine learning as well, help digitalize and streamline your operations to future-proof your organization.

Financial Inclusion Financial Technology

We Connect Banks and Service Providers to Communities

To ensure that under-banked and un-banked communities benefit from financial inclusion and financial education.

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About Geniusto

Geniusto is a fintech enabler that delivers digital banking technologies and services to the banking, financial service & insurance (BFSI) sectors around the world.

To achieve this, we work closely with local and global partners to accelerate digital transformation, social banking experience, process automation, financial inclusion, and financial education towards economic growth. As a result, our platforms and value-added services ensure that you and your customers get the best platform and security in this digital age.

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Value-Adding Solutions

Quality solutions mean you get what you want how you want it, when you want it, within your budget.

As a result, Geniusto works with multiple suppliers to ensure that you receive the best possible solution available in the market.

Omni-Channel Banking

We provide omni-channel banking with modular building blocks like engage marketing, mobile technology and hub.

Loans Management

Automate consumer loans applications, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Ranging from application entry, underwriting to contract servicing and recovery.

Hub Integration

On-premise and in the cloud easy to implement scalable integration layer. Simplifies infrastructure and improves system stability.


Integrated with a mobile server for omni-channel banking, our core banking supports high-level agility and add-on adaptations.

Social Banking

Imminent next-level open banking technology connecting banks, SVP's communities and families which enables a business-to-bank-to-customer (B2B2C) transactions.


A powerful solution designed specifically for the elderly. Silverfox invites and manages carer access, fund managers, and family members.

HR & Payroll

A powerful solution designed specifically for the entire workforce lifecycle – the digital HR system. Payroll and government services in order to manage payroll.

Payment Gateway

Sophisticated payment gateway technologies allows to facilitate, manage and create financial flows between the customers of the bank and bill providers globally.

Credit Scoring

Quickly develop, validate, deploy and track credit scorecards in house – while minimizing model risk and improving governance.

KYC & Onboarding

Real-time customer engagement, onboarding, transactions, online assistance through video, text chat, link to call, and co-browsing functionalities.

Enterprise Fraud

Get a complete view of threats across your entire institution streamline monitoring, review and investigation processes.


Customers receive loyalty rewards, special offers, supporting merchant customers, generating new revenue.

From the Press

Keeping track of market trends helps us adjust our solutions and identify effective opportunities to serve our customers

We aim to make a difference by supporting a cause, to promote financial inclusion in growing markets of the world. This is why Geniusto keeps track of Central Bank initiatives and promote our solutions.

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