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Geniusto is a fintech enabler, solutions and services provider ⁠— delivering digital banking technologies and services to the BSFI and other sectors across the globe. Our strategy combines working closely with local and global partners to enable solutions that accelerate digital transformation, financial inclusion, financial education and economic growth.

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In 2018, Geniusto International Ltd. was incorporated by a team of business and finance experts in Australia as a public non listed company. To spearhead our operations in Asia Pacific, Geniusto Philippines Inc. was incorporated in the Philippines, operating from a modern office based in Manila with a broad presence and strong sales pipeline that spans across Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands and Africa.

Mission to Co-Evolve

To partner with and enable banking, financial services and insurance organizations to maximize their business success through advantageous solutions.

Vision to See Further

To seek out competitive advantages for our clients through innovative technology and to help them achieve long-term success and prosperity.

Who We Are

Customer Needs is our Mantra

The needs and requirements of customers are key to us. We understand, digest then deploy the best solution. All the time.

Effective Outsourcing

Exponential organization (EXO) is part of of our foundations. We scale up as required to realize resource and revenue benefits for our customers.

Think Global, Act Local

Global expertise and practices, applied with a local touch. This allows us to deploy world-class solutions to the localized needs of customers, enabling them to be leading figures in their industry.

Equipped To Deliver

Constant improvement is in our core, striving for advancement by learning to use technology to develop solutions that meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Top Minds, One Goal

Ours is a community of skilled, talented and professional individuals. Our different skill sets merge to deliver the best possible solution to our customers. Every time.

  • Our singular objective is to provide uncompromising customer services and satisfaction regardless of the type of product or services offered.

    Shane Hermans

    Founder and CEO
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