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In the face of digital complexity, we offer solutions that make banking feel simple."

Matthew Edmunds
CEO, Genuisto

Thinking around corners for next-gen financial providers

Engage your customers everywhere they roam—with a brighter experience across products, devices and channels. Integrate push notifications, digital payments, customisable card settings and more…

Launch a fully functioning digital bank in a matter of weeks with low-code design, open architecture and single pane of glass management. You’ll stay flexible and simplify vendor integration—all while reducing costs and staying ahead of the compliance curve…

Secure your one comprehensive bridge to new payment technologies. Extend core legacy systems with hand-picked micro-service modules. Protect your future with real-time monitoring, reduce external vendors and strengthen future rollouts…


Our digital economy management ecosystem


We’ve built the digital economy management suite of the future

The all-in-one open architecture solution designed to extend and adapt to any legacy system.

The banking silo-breaker is here. Your fully customisable, digital-first experience for web and mobile banking—available to all customer segments, across all channels, digitally and offline.

The customer acquisition speed-dial. Your complete onboarding solution for accelerated hyper-scale—with fully configurable KYC and KYB, customised risk-scoring, biometrics and integrations.

The banking engine room. Your instant, cloud-based, fully scalable ledgering system for unlimited accounts tailored to jurisdiction—for real-time reporting and elevated income ratios.

The single pane of glass for end-to-end payment operations. Your powerful all-in-one, low-code orchestration solution across borders, currencies, channels and instruments.


Serving the smartest financial institutions on the planet

We’ve built [GO] Suite to offer banks radically reduced costs, clever customer engagement, extended legacy systems, powerful insights, and configurable KYC.

We’ve built Geniusto to hit the ground running with bank-in-a-box brilliance, powerful payment orchestration, strong security and automated compliance.

Geniusto is built to deliver reduced cost of service, secure platform use, simple API integration, and open architecture for streamlined customer use.

We’ve built Geniusto to offer powerful payments orchestration, radically boosted revenue, strong security and configurable, automated compliance.


Geniusto accelerated our digital transformation and gave us a great advantage in the market.

Atanas Dobrev
CEO, Vivacom

Geniusto evolved our payment infrastructure into a modern, scalable platform with improved user experience.

Maxim Yaroshewsky
CEO, Transact Pro

We’re delighted with our console and mobile app—Geniusto exceeded expectations in deliverables and how quickly they could be achieved.

Heiki Murula
Managing Director, MR2

Geniusto is user-friendly and ready-to-use—we started working from day one and their support team were always ready to help.

Steve Taklasing
Managing Director, Amaiz

We simplify digital for a brighter banking future