Geniusto puts brains behind the Forex industry at iFX Dubai 2024

Geniusto puts brains behind the Forex industry at iFX Dubai 2024
February 5, 2024 | By Geniusto

The 2024 iFX Expo Dubai took place last month, kicking off the year with familiar faces and exciting conversations.  An event that caters to the ever-innovating Forex industry also pulls an entire ecosystem of payment companies, consulting services and technology providers.

Geniusto’s Regional Head of Sales and Partnerships, Idris Gbaja-Biamila was in attendance to meet with existing contacts that operate in the same value chain, as well as meet the new players.

The highly configurable [GO] Digital Economy Management Suite meets many use cases, including an end-to-end digital banking platform for EMIs providing banking services to the industry.

There’s also potential for Payment Service Providers and Forex companies to manage complex payment instructions across multiple rails, currencies and logical flows using the powerful Payment Orchestration Engine.  In 2024, there’s no reason to have a room full of accountants manually processing commissions, reconciliations and settlements when Geniusto’s solution is effectively automating this in real time.

Between the opening party and the two days of booth based conversations, Geniusto continues to demonstrate relevance across verticals and solve problems for new business cases.  With a likely attendance at the Cyprus edition of iFX, 2024 holds some exciting developments and touchpoints to look forward to.

If you think Geniusto could solve a technology problem for your payments or banking business, drop an email to and allow us to put #TheBrainsBehind your operation.